Tuesday, May 24, 2016

woodys day round icons v2.0 Apk MediaFire

What we have here are wood round icons you should prolly buy


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Ultra GPS Logger v3.085 Apk MediaFire

- formats: NM, KML, GPX
- log raw, by distance or time
- log during standby
- AutoLog, AutoStart
- Send log / track by email
- Publish to FTP
- Compress log: Zip, KMZ
- Google Maps, Open Street Map
- POIs, etc
- Online Services
- Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive
- Barometer / pressure sensor
- use of internal GPS
- use of external GPS via Bluetooth
- allow other apps to use external GPS via Mock provider
- act as GPS mouse

Ultra GPS Logger is a GPS Tracker which allows you to erate NM, KML and/or GPX logs with your GPS or GLONASS enabled Android device. It is able to keep GPS on during standby, which enables logging of a long period of time without the need of interaction with the device.

Ultra GPS Logger logs raw NM sentences! This is much more accurate than other products which just log every minute… It also supports lit KML/GPX output, which logs only rl
movement. Ultra GPS Logger also lets your device vibrate and flash its led in case the GPS fix is lost. Furthermore it represents your track on Google Map or Open Street Map!

User feedback is highly appreciated. Ultra GPS Logger is used for a variety of activities, like hiking, sailing, car / motorcycle / yacht racing. Let me know what you use Ultra GPS Logger for :-))


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DW Contacts & Phone & Dialer v2.6.0.6-pro Apk MediaFire

DW Contacts & Phone
Is a powerful (MUST HAVE) extension for your stock dialer, contacts and phone management appliion
It focuses on business functions. Improve the efficiency of your work.

+ You can write a note for the call records
+ In call widget: extended incoming call view (show organization, group, notes, group picture, edit note in calling)
+ Call filter: blocking incoming calls on free definable date- and time zones
+ Contact filtering: Based on the contact group, job title, company filtration contacts
+ Call Statistics: Show the duration of your call. When the end of the free talk time to be notified.
+ Quick-jump: show a window, where you can click the first letter of your contact and quickly jump/scroll to it
+ Contact details: Displays all the contact information together (sms, call log, call Statistics, events)
+ multi-language support (Thank all the enthusiastic user provides translation for DWC)
+ most functions are accessible by using the *LONG PRESS* (tap and hold) on any item or use *MENU*
+ very flexible to configure the design of every view (sort order, fonts size, color, transparency)
+ configurable contact view, how it should show the list (*show contacts as* / *sort order* for last name, first name, nick name, …)
+ tab bars: hide & sortable, include gesture switching to different views (phone, history, favorites, contacts, srch, groups, organization, titles, events, toolbox)
+ full management for your contacts (crte, add, change, delete, copy contacts, copy to another account, groups, organization, titles in single- and multi select mode)
+ batch mode for mass delivery with SMS, MMS, emails on single- and multi selection (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
+ srch contacts by any attribute (name, nick name, phone , organization, notes, address, email, relationships, websites, birthday, …) + voice srch
+ support for layered groups, sub-groups (sub-group via Business.VIP = Business -> VIP)
+ set ringtones on single- and multi select (contacts, groups, organizations, titles)
+ contact event notifiion and contact event management (birthday, anniversary) + support for lunar calendar format
+ sy sending event greetings to your contacts
+ crte shortcut to home on any contact item or on any tab via toolbox
+ share contacts (text,vcard) via SMS, email, …
+ display call history with summary for single- or multi-select contacts, groups, organization, titles, …
+ dialer(phone) with T9-srch – has many options to make it exactly to your wishes
-> dialer and dialpad scalable and adjustable in size, background, color, font size can be changed
-> full T9-srch on all contacts fields and configurable
-> quick dial manager: Supports up to 1000 speed dial s. Dialing 100th by entering #100
-> quick dial last :
-> display call history on dialer
-> edit before dialing

What’s New
Fragment-based re-development UI
Delete the Srch tab, you can now use the Contacts tab to srch
Merge Contacts function compatible mobile
Call filter: Mute then hang up to avoid a ring
Improved support for the hidden s

New options:
Contact Details -> Hide tab bar
Call Statistics -> Free s manager
Spk caller ID
-> Spk Organization
-> Rept count
-> Rept interval

“SMS sent successfully” reminds missing fault
“Dial pad width” lost fault


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iLauncher v3.2.0.1 Apk MediaFire

- Smooth scrolling
- Icons have rounded corners and gloss effects.
- Long touch icons to move them around and position them as you like.
- Dock-bar
- sily uninstall apps from your home screen.
- Press the back button to exit edit mode.
- Can change ch appliion’s name and icon
- Spotlight srch
- Folders
- Shortcuts

What’s New
- Fixed some crashes.


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Draw Something v2.222.224 Apk MediaFire

Play the AD-FREE version of Draw Something, the most popular social drawing and guessing game on Android! Experience for yourself the laugh-out-loud game your friends are raving about! Plus enjoy these special bonuses:
★ 2500 Words to Draw
★ 200 FREE Coins
★ 5 FREE Bombs

★ Play with Friends on Android and iPhone/iPad!
Challenge friends on Facebook or Twitter, or be automatically partnered with new gaming buddies.
★ Turn-based Gameplay
Perfect for gamers-on-the-go! Take turns drawing and guessing at your own pace.
★ Lderboard
Rally back and forth with friends for the most “Turns.”
★ Color Packs
Turn simple doodles into rich masterpieces with color packs.
★ Bombs
Stumped by a difficult word? Exchange it for a new one by exploding it with a bomb.

What’s New
-Bug fixes
-Minor performance improvements


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UCam Ultra Camera Pro v4.2.1 Apk MediaFire

This is Pro Version of UCam. There are main 3 differents than Free version-
01. Butifiion/Makeup fture.
02. High performance Panorama.
03. more stable.

More than 30,000,000 users are enjoying UCam, the most popular & powerful photographing software!

30+ main ftures, your ULTRA camera appliion!
01. Support more than 30 software/hardware camera parameters to make sure high quality picture/.

02. Smart & Natural butifiion
- automatic face/skin detection
- soften/whiten skin, trim face, eyes enlarge

03. More than 60 capture scenarios help you to be a shining star on magazine, billboard and LED screen.

04. The best post process tool-①more than 100 effects②abundant edit function③perfect text, bubble and label④Excellent graffiti⑤hundreds of frames,
textures and decorators⑥convenient puzzle.

06. Unique Picture In Picture (PIP) capture mode.
07. Most convenient GIF animation maker.
08. The fastest burst shot camera.
09. Most convenient SNS posting tool- post picture/message to all your SNS sites/accounts simultaneously (support facebook, twitter, flickr, sina weibo, QZone, renren, kaixin, tencent weibo and sohu weibo).

All these are in UCam. Without UCam, you need more than 10 apps of 100MB memory.
UCam, your ultra camera, the only camera you need!

What’s New
Change log of Version 4.2.1 -
01.New fture-Shake n’ Launch Camera”
02.New fture-Mosaic Pen
03.Other bug fixed


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Forest HD v1.6 (Unlocked) Apk MediaFire

Discover a pceful forest teeming with wildlife and surrounded by natural buty every time you use your device.

Sunlight filters through the trees as a tle breeze rustles the lves. Pause for reflection at the path while birds flutter past and deer graze contentedly in the rich foliage and quiet solitude of the undisturbed woods.

Choose the Natural theme, and your forest becomes pristine as you discover a cascading waterfall. Or, rest at your private cabin before setting out on a hike through the woods at the pathway signs – it’s all up to you!

Interact with an owl or birds and watch the deer gaze at the forest. Customize the wildlife, flowers, cabin, signs, grass, waterfall, and much more!

Several optional add-on packs are also available for purchase, allowing you to choose the ftures most mningful to you:
* The ‘Field Pack’ allows you to explore a completely new scene fturing a field of tall waving grass, butterflies, a rabbit, additional deer, and more.
* In the ‘Strm Pack’, just one of the new ftures is a babbling brook winding through the forest while a buck sips from the clr waters in changing wther conditions, fish, squirrels, and more.
* The ‘Customization Pack’ ftures even more personalization options such as your own text and s in the scene, dynamic time of day, fireflies at night, and more.
* The ‘Northern Woodlands Pack’ includes fully animated Elk, Moose, and Br, and a Winter environment with snow.

This visually stunning live wallpaper is true 3D with hand-crafted artwork. Our wallpapers fture silky-smooth animations while conserving your battery life and works grt with , tablets, or any device that supports live wallpapers.

What’s New
The optional ‘Northern Woodlands Pack’ is now available for purchase! This pack includes fully animated Elk, Moose, and Br, and a Winter environment.

Also in this update:
* Now move between your forest scenes by double-tapping the screen!
* New interactive cabin lantern
* New cabin chimney with smoke
* Butterflies from the Field Pack now appr in all scenes
* New red salmon in the Strm Pack
* New toggle for special events
* Improved art and animations
* Many other improvements


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Just 6 Weeks v1.8.6 Apk MediaFire

Just 6 Weeks offers you a unique opportunity to get into shape, lrn how to do 100 push-ups or sit-ups, as well as to shape a butiful muscle profile in only six weeks. Forget complied systems and exhausting, hours-long workouts! All you need now is 10 minutes three times a week, a comfortable spot, and your smartphone.

Just 6 Weeks has a very simple interface with convenient, customizable functionality. Workouts, reminders, statistics – everything is just two clicks away. Nothing will distract you from the workout now!

5 Programs in one appliion:
• 100 push-ups
• 200 sit-ups
• 150 dips
• 200 squats
• 20 pull-ups

Simple functionality to rch complied goals:
• Five independent programs can be used in any combination
• Level selection, depending on the results of a physical fitness test
• Automatic “rest” timer with custom settings
• Workout schedule with reminders
• Regular adjustments of workout intensity to your level
• Detailed statistics of exercises performed
• Import and export your data
• Interface that does not distract you from you main goal

What’s New
- New icon
- Fixed the mute button in training
- Fixed with the launch of the appliion on the seventh week from the notifiion
- Fixed other bugs


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Missed It! v4.2 Apk MediaFire

Get information about the of missed calls, unrd SMS, unrd e-mail messages and notifiions from virtually any appliion a glance with this simple yet very customizable widget.
On Jelly Bn 4.2, Missed It! widgets can be placed on the system lockscreen. For previous versions of Android, you will need any lockscreen replacement appliion.

* Reports of missed calls, unrd SMS and pending voicemails.
* If you use Gmail, K-9 Mail or AquaMail, you can obtain the of unrd messages of ch account individually. In the case of Gmail, you can also select which label to monitor.
* Also reports notifiions from any appliion that uses the notifiion bar to report events (including WhatsApp, Twitter, e-mail clients, etc).
* Share pending notifiions with other apps through the “Shared Elements” list. For example, you can use Missed It! as a provider for the Unrd Counts fture on both WidgetLocker and Nova Launcher Prime apps.
* Customization of font and background color and transparency. Also font faces (can use fonts stored in external SD card) and styles (bold, italic, underline).
* Customization of the layout (alignments, padding, etc).
* Text messages can be customized to show whatever phrase you want.
* Represent s as text.
* Resizable widget on Android 4.0. With previous Android versions, there are multiple widget sizes available (user can select which sizes apprs in widget list).
* DashClock extension included, allows to receive eric appliion notifiions on your DashClock widget.

What’s New
Cards-based user interface.
Direct support for AquaMail email client.
Different counter reset modes (only for Android 4.3 and later).
Appliion elements can show additional information.
Notifiion filters (only for Appliion elements).
Shared Elements include fully customizable output strings that other apps can use.
Backup for appliion settings and Shared Elements.
Send anonymous reports about appliion usage and crashes.


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Colossatron v1.0.2 Apk MediaFire


Colossatron: Massive World Thrt is the story of the biggest and most powerful being to ever wage war against mankind. But this time – YOU get to be the bad guy!

Take control of a giant robotic snake and smash through cities with se as you fight to crte the most frsome wpon of all time. Your objective is simple: DESTROY EVERYTHING!
Build and shape Colossatron to overcome the formidable forces of eral Moustache and his military units. Battles will intensify quickly as tanks, boom trucks and even aerial bombers swarm Colossatron in seemingly overwhelming s.

The to victory lies in building Colossatron by attaching colored Powercores as they appr. Different colors and unlockable gadgets can be combined to form bigger, badder wpons and stronger Powercores, with thousands of potential combinations. Use everything at your disposal to become the ultimate Colossatron strategist!

The mayhem is broadcast live via the Action News 6 helicopter, with regular story updates from Rick Dalton and Katie Hazard. A collateral damage counter monitors your progress as the battle continues at a furious pace across the globe.

Colossatron: Massive World Thrt is fast, fun and non-stop action. The battle starts NOW!

Chaotic Campaign – Explode your way through seven continents on a destructive trail spanning the entire globe!

Epic Boss Fights – Throw down against giant mechs, ballistic gunships and more in a furious fight for survival!

Devastating Wponry – Crush your enemies with a huge arsenal of powerful wpons, impressive upgrades and high-tech gadgets. There are thousands of potential combinations!
Intense Survival Challenges – Compete against friends in the ultimate test of skill and strategy.


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DS Super AppBlocker Pro v2.0 Apk MediaFire

This is a no AD version of “DS Super AppBlocker”. More additional function will be added in future version.

A must have “app running config” (including AppOps) tool for GEEKs! (For ROOTed user only)
This app has following “block” functions:

1 Block permission (AppOps manager):
Android (since v4.3) has provided a fture “AppOps” to limit app to access system functions (e.g. Notifiion, Camera, GPS, etc), but it is hidden API for now. This app allow user to use AppOps fture via ROOT access. Compare to other permission manager app which use “system process injection” method, AppOps is more safe, reliable, and sy to use.

2. Block AutoStart (Autorun manager):
Some apps can auto start in background without user’s permission by using “receiver” mechanism of system. This function expose all receivers of ch app to user, and user can config receiver status to disable app auto start on certain case;

3. Block Running (force stop, force kill):
Block running app, especially force kill those annoying apps which stay in RAM and refuse to be unloaded.

4. Block App (App freezer):
Fully block app, mns user can not run the app (even can not see it in system app list) until unblock it;

System Requirement:
1. A ROOTed phone;
2. USB debugging enabled (Go to System Settings->Appliion->Developemnt->USB debugging);
3. Permission manage (AppOps) function depends on Google’s implementation, which requires Android 4.3 and above;


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WiFi Mouse Pro v1.5.0 Apk MediaFire

Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, board and trackpad using WiFi Mouse. WiFi Mouse supports speech-to-text as well as multi-finger trackpad gestures. It also support media controller, explorer controller and ppt presentation controller ftures. WiFi Mouse enables you to control your PC, MAC or HTPC effortlessly through a local network connection.

Plse install the lastest version mouse server from www.necta.us if you use ppt presentation fture.
* Mouse curser movement
* left and right click support
* Middle mouse button scroll
* Remote board input
* PC/Mac hot and combination
* Speech-to-text input for all languages
* Mouse & board full screen
* Remote media player controller
* Remote explorer controller
* PPT Presentation controller
* Auto-connect on appliion startup
* PC/Mac window controller
* Compatible with XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/Mac OSX/Linux (Ubuntu).

* Tap-to-click
* Tap and move for drag
* Two finger tap for right click
* Two finger scroll
* Pinch to zoom
* Three finger drag or highlight
* Four finger swipe down to show desktop
* Four finger swipe up to maximise current window
* Four finger swipe sideways to change current window focus
* Left handed mouse support (swap left and right mouse click)
* Show desktop when hands over proximity sensor


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ezPDF Rder Multimedia PDF v2.4.5.1 Proper Apk MediaFire

ezPDF Rder is the best selling, best rated and most commented Multimedia PDF viewer, annotator, and form filler with calculations.

+ Other Unidocs Apps +
1. “Cup” – Clip & Scrap PDF and Share
2. “ezPDF CLR” – The world’s first Interactive PDF Quiz & Test Player for eduion

+ More News +
1. Trial Version
Free Trial version is available from Google Play. Srch “ezPDF Rder Free Trial”
2. The is not transferable for iOS versions from App Store.

+ App Review +
“Android Apps for Business: 10 Low-Cost Mobile Tools You Should Know About” by eWeek (http://bit.ly/LJTtEH)

“Plenty of PDF rders are available for Android devices, and a of them are free. But ezPDF is by far the best of the bunch.” Daniel A. Begun, author of Amazing Android Apps For Dummies
Plse lve your comments, reviews, bug reports, suggestions, volume sales, and other business inquiries to android(at)unidocs.com

Customized Viewing with flipping DUAL PAGE VIEW supported!
Documents appr as they would on your PC, but customized to fit your mobile device’s screen. Scanned and text based PDFs are all supported, including JPEG2000 and JBIG2 compression. Select Text Reflow, Fit to Text Column, Copy and paste text in PDF view and bookmark as you go or Change Rding Direction to se rding

PDF Form Filler
Good for appliion forms. Fill out your PDF form with ezPDF Rder. Sign with freehand, and send via email.

Multimedia PDF Viewer – Audio, , Animation GIF and Rd Aloud
Plays multimedia files and animation GIF embedded into PDF. Use Voice Rding fture to have documents rd to you with the continuous automatic page-turning fture. (It uses TTS fture from the hardware settings)

Annotation Ftures on PDF
Useful tool to add text in text box and sticky notes; highlight, underline, or strikethrough texts; draw rectangles, ovals and freehand drawings. Add memo & append s, change color / thickness, resize and move them around as you like. All these comments are compatible with ® Acrobat®.

Download “ezPDF Rder G-Drive Plugin” App for integrating with Google Drive. Dropbox integration included.

Download “ezPDF Rder Widgets”
More Ftures
-Form calculations supported
-Support ePub format
-Text View with reflow function. Night/Day Mode, Able to change font size and color (text and background)
-Thumbnail view
-Srch (Options for case sensitive, whole word or part, exact word, and/or operator) and highlighted result
-Auto Fit Zoom for multi-column article or removing white margin
-Crop / Rotate page
-Scroll lock / unlock
-Able to select text in PDF, save to clipboard, web srch, share with other apps, check with dictionary (Support ColorDict)
-Support hyperlinks (Go to page within the PDF, PDF to PDF, URL links to webpage)
-Open Standard -protected PDF (A DRM protected PDF file would not be opened.)
-Intuitive bookmarking & viewing bookmarks with its description and ribbon & thumbnail
-Auto Page Turn (in secs) or Auto Scroll (up a screen full)
-Table of Contents
-Page navigation with thumbnail scroll s
-Jump to a specific Page No.
-Change rding direction – Arabic, Chinese, Japanese & Hebrew
-Undo & Redo button
-Support Trackball
-Page Turning Effect (Flip); ON/OFF
-5-point-tap : Annotation Tool ON/OFF
-4-point-tap : Notifiion Bar ON/OFF
-3-point-tap : PDF view or Text Reflow view
-2-point-tap : Reduces the page to fit the width when enlarged
-1-point-tap : Toggles Menu ON/OFF


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Alien Vs People v1.0 Mod Apk MediaFire

Alien vs People
Strategic action game!
An alien invasion of rth just started.
Save the rth against aliens!

The farmer came across a crystal that the alien brought in the crashed spacecraft. After that, the farmer has incredible power.

It is time to go on a journey for blocking the alien invasion of rth with special characters that have incredible power.

- 2D Slide-scrolling Action game(Brawler)
- Episodic contents and characters to unlock& upgrade
- Grt look an feel: Appling to wider range of demographics than most action games
- Aim for full stars!
- Refreshing minigames between levels Compete with friends for high score ranking!

[Game tip]
- Touch and drag
- Using strategic skills
- Assistance from a colue
- Changing a character by tag

Download Alien Vs People v1.0 [Mod Money]


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Ultra Fitness v1.0 Apk MediaFire

The All You Need App to achieve your goals; with workout programs, ml plans, recipes and a calorie calculator guide. Follow the step by step workouts and Ml plans and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!

The App Hosts:
- 100+ Different Exercises
- Demonstrations
- Multiple Workout Programs
- Calorie Calculator guide to meet your goals
- Hlthy and Tasty Food Recipes
- Top 40 Food List of what to t
- Crte Custom Workout Programs

This is not your typical, run of the mill App crted by an App developer with no clue of their way around the gym. This App was developed and designed by a FULLY QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER where their skills, knowledge & expertise have been implemented within the app for you to obtain the best results!! Whether you’re an Avid Gym Goer or an Newbie to the world of fitness, this app guarantee’s results for all levels!!!

Lrn how to:
- Build Muscle
- Drop Fat
- Tone Up
- Get in shape
- t Hlthy

FULLY QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Kwame Dankwah has used his yrs of experience with his clients to pioneer a collection of simple & efficient plans that will help people rch their goals. Whether you’re a guy trying to put on some muscle or shred fat, or Whether you’re a Women trying to tone up or drop fat fast there something for you. There is truly something for everybody to help you rch your goals with tips and advice THAT WORK!!! DOWNLOAD THE APP try it out for yourself and watch the results take place.

Sculpt your aesthetic drms! – Ultrafitness, Beyond Limits.
Consistency, Persistency & Will-Power required.


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Marvel Run Jump Smash! v1.0.3 Apk MediaFire


Fly as Iron Man! Smash as The Incredible Hulk! Run and Jump as Cap! Run and Gun as Super Spy Black Widow!

Unlock additional Super Heroes…
Swing as Spider-man! Shoot arrows as Hawe! Unlsh the Thunder as Thor! Binary Blast as Captain Marvel!

Dodge obstacles and fight Super Villains like Loki to progress as far as you can. Incrse your score by switching between characters and activating ch Super Hero’s unique Special Attack. Collect coins and boosts on your run. Then buy special power-ups to boost your distance and score. Run, jump and smash through multiple environments, compete with friends and upgrade your character!

- Assemble your Super Hero tm to achieve the best score!
- Unlsh ch Hero’s devastating Special Attack!
- Play in iconic Marvel loions!
- Compete against friends to gain the top lderboard position!
- Upgrade your character to achieve an even higher score!
- Keep the action going with new Super Heroes and loion updates!
“Marvel Run Jump Smash… there’s a surprising amount of depth benth that cutesy exterior, and the 2D art might be enough for the one dollar entry fee alone.” – AndroidPolice.com
“Marvel Run Jump Smash is a little more cartoony when it comes to how the visuals are but there is plenty of action in this game, at lst for an endless runner. A lot of the main Marvel heroes are available for you to play as whether you choose Spider-Ma, the Hulk or whomever else.” Droidgamers.com

What’s New in Marvel Run Jump Smash! v1.0.3
Winter Soldier, Red Hulk & Falcon now join Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Widow and many more of your favorite Marvel characters.


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Haunted Past (Full) v1.0.0 Apk MediaFire

Dth is not the end. There is a world beyond the veil, another rlm between life and dth where restless spirits lurk, their business unfinished. Yrs ago, Emily plummeted from an attic window to her doom. Her house now lies abandoned along with the mystery of her dth. You have inherited this dark home only to discover that it’s far from empty and through you, Emily has found a way to spk. But there are others who wait in the unquiet shadows …

Main Game Ftures
*130+ Haunting scenes to navigate
*Move between two worlds
*What you do in one world affects the other
*Solve a 30-yr-old mystery
*Customizable difficulty to set challenges how you like them


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Minecraft – Pocket Edition v0.8.1 Apk MediaFire

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures.
Pocket Edition includes Survival and Crtive modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and randomly erated worlds. You can craft, crte and breed anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to .

Since the first relse of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we’ve added s of new ftures and made massive improvements to the way things look. There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move.

What’s New
- Minecarts, rails, and powered rails!
- The view distance has been massively incrsed. Check the options!
- New textures, colours and block functionality taken directly from the PC version
- New blocks: carpets, more wood types, hay bales, iron bars, and more
- New crops and food types: beetroot, carrots, potatoes and pumpkins.
- Lots more blocks and items to use in Crtive Mode.
- New AI and breeding.
- A new Crtive inventory with tabs.
- Improved lighting and fog effects.


Click Download GINGERBRD ONLY 2.3 AndClick Download Android 3.0 AND UP

Bar Scanner+ (Plus) v1.11.1 Apk MediaFire

Bar Scanner+, from Sn Owen of ZXing Tm, uses the camera on your device to rd bar of all kinds. After scanning bar you find on products, for example, you can discover prices and reviews for it. Or, when scanning newer two-dimensional bar, like QR , you can access contact information, bookmarks, web site links and more inside.

Bar Scanner+ is an enhanced version of the popular, free Bar Scanner appliion, which is a product of the ZXing open-source bar scanning library from Google. Bar Scanner+ is based on the same , and has been developed by one of the two primary authors of the original Bar Scanner, Sn Owen.

Bar Scanner+ includes all of Bar Scanner’s functionality, and is intended as a drop-in replacement for Bar Scanner. It adds several enhancements:
Better bar scanning
- New processing aorithm for detection of 1D bar formats, including UPC and N product
- Uses both cores of dual-core processors
- Optionally, scan for Ac and PDF417 bar (note: PDF417 support is ‘alpha’ quality)
- Rewritten to take advantage of Java 6, Android 2.2+ APIs, and latest Android SDK ftures
Refined user interface
- Now scan in tall “portrait” orientation, in addition to “landscape” orientation
- More intuitive pattern-based scanning guide
- Strmlined and improved user interface elements
- Android 4 and tablet device support
- Expanded Help screens

New ftures
- De a bar from an file
- Option to scan light-on-dark bar
- Activate device’s LED light to scan in low light
- Basic support for scanning NFC tags
- Amazon product information
Also available in “simple” version, without functionality that requires special permission. See “Bar Scanner+ Simple”.

Purchasing this appliion also supports development of the ZXing open-source bar scanning library.

Bar Scanner+ does not collect, store or transmit information about its users, nor usage of the appliion. The appliion accesses personal information such as contacts and bookmarks only in order to implement appliion functionality, such as sharing contacts and bookmarks by QR on screen.
(aka Bar Scanner Plus)

What’s New in Bar Scanner+ (Plus) v1.11.1
Small fixes and improvements.


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Another Case Solved v1.0 Mod Apk MediaFire

Become a famous detective and get to the bottom of a curious candy conspiracy in Another Case Solved, the latest game from the makers of Puzzle Craft.

This city is clamping down on candy cravings by outlawing sweet snacks! Solve a series of quirky cases by gathering clues, tracking down witnesses, and questioning suspects to revl the truth behind this city’s sugarcoated secret.
• Crte your own personalized detective and customize their look with outfits, props, and more.
• Match clues, identify suspects, track down hidden items – Another Case Solved ftures multiple styles of gameplay to keep detectives on their toes.
• Tons of story-driven cases to keep you hooked into this sugary sweet mystery.
• Take on minor cases in your spare time to keep yourself in business
• Transform your humble into a vibrant workplace with new furniture that will incrse your detective skills
• 75 Google Play Game Services achievements for your hard detective work!

Download Another Case Solved v1.0 [Mod Money]


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MiniBrowser PRO v2.8 Apk MediaFire

MiniBrowser Mobile is a fast and sy to use internet browser. Powerful built-in advertisement filter (Ad-Block) will save internet traffic, CPU processing/battery consumption, phone memory usage and make web pages to load much faster. Mini Browser Ad-blocker is much more powerful than ones used in other browsers. It filters out not only the banners but also all hidden requests to unknown servers which are used by website for collecting statistics about your browsing activity.

Downloader fture will find for you all links on the page and allow to download them on sdcard.

Browser supports:
- Flash Player plugin (NOTE: plugin is not supported on Android 4.4 KitKat yet)
- Ad-blocker
- Incognito browsing
- Tab browsing
- Auto-complete address bar
- Translate with Google service or srch Wikipedia right from address bar
- Full screen mode
- Bookmarks (+import bookmarks from IE, Chrome and other computer browsers)
- Download s and files
- Find on page
- Pinch to zoom, double-tap to zoom
- Desktop User-At mode
- Night mode (Not supported on Android KitKat yet)
- Listing of all URL requests during the page loading
- Downloader. (Plse note that YOUTUBE DOWNLOAD NOT SUPPORTED DUE TO GOOGLE TERMS OF SERVICE and disabled in this browser. Same restrictions applied to few others -services. Downloading and viewing of protected by copyright are prohibited and are regulated by the laws of the country where you live.)


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Shazam Encore v4.5.0 Apk MediaFire

Shazam recognizes music and media playing around you. Tap the Shazam button to instantly match, and then explore, buy and share. Shazam Encore offers a Shazam experience without the banner ads. You can Shazam as much as you want!

Once you’ve Shazamed something, you can:
○ Buy tracks on Amazon or Google Play
○ Available for all Android tablets
○ Watch the s on YouTube
○ See what your friends have Shazamed
○ Use LyricPlay to sing along to strmed lyrics
○ Listen to the music you Shazam in Rdio or Spotify
○ Check out the artist’s bio and discography
You can also
○ Preview and save your favourites
○ Share what you Shazam on Twitter, Facebook & Google+
○ Shazam even when you don’t have any coverage; Shazam will match when you have a connection and get back to you with the result
○ Shazam from your phone’s home screen with the Shazam Widget
Upgrade to Shazam Encore for the Shazam experience without the banner ads.

* Previews available: US, UK, DE, FR, CH, AT
* Lyrics and LyricPlay available: US, CA, UK, FR, IT, DE, ES, AU, NZ.
* Spotify available: AR, AT, AU, BE, BG, BO, BR, CH ,CL, CO, CR, CY, CZ, DE, DK, DR, EC, EE, ES, FI, FR, GB, GR, GT, HK, HN, HU, IE, IS, IT, LI, LU, LV, MT, MX, MY, NL, NO, NZ, PA, PE, PL, PT, PY, RO, SE, SG, SK, SL, TH, TR, TW, US, UY.
* Shazam supports devices with cellular connection


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Echofon PRO for Twitter v2.3.0.0 Apk MediaFire

Echofon is the sy-to-use, super fast Twitter app that smartly syncs across all your devices.
Wrapped in a butiful, cln interface, Echofon for Android packs a punch, fturing gorgeous desktop widget, instant notifiions, light and dark color themes and more – all the Twitter ftures you need to bring order to your busy social media life.

* Full-ftured dashboard widgets
* Sync between all your Echofon apps on Android or iOS devices so you never rd a Tweet, @Mention or Direct Message twice
* Mute Users
* Background notifiions alert you of new Direct Messages and @Mentions
* sily manage multiple Twitter accounts
* Choose from light or battery-saving dark color themes
* View thrded conversations all in one place to sily keep track of who said what
* Full set of Twitter functionality: Tweet, Retweet, Direct Message, @Mention, lists
* Offers photo previews right in your Twitter timeline
Coming soon
* Gap detection
* In-app browser/in-app picture viewer


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Speedtest.net Premium v3.1.1 Apk MediaFire

Use Ookla Speedtest for sy, one-tap connection testing in under 30 seconds—accurate anywhere thanks to our global network.

Millions of users have made Ookla Speedtest the #1 app for testing Internet speeds, and it’s trusted daily by professionals throughout the industry!
- Discover your Download, Upload and Ping
- Rl-time graphs show connection consistency
- Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised
- Track past tests with detailed reporting
- sily share your results


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SMS Backup & Restore Pro v7.04 Apk MediaFire

A simple App to Backup and Restore SMS Messages. This is a Paid No-Ads version of the Ad-Supported Free App.

NOTE: On Android 4.4+ devices, if you have performed the Restore and the messages don’t appr in Hangouts then:
- Open Hangouts and Disable SMS from Settings.
- Exit the Hangouts app
- Open Hangouts and Enable SMS from Settings.

App Ftures:
- Backup SMS Messages in XML format.
- Choose a scheduled time to automatically backup.
- Backup format is independent of the Android version so the messages can be sily moved from one phone to another, irrespective of the Android version.
- Option to select which conversations to backup.
- View/Restore all Messages or only selected conversations.
- Delete all SMS Messages on the Phone.
- Email a backup file.
- Automatically Email or Upload to Dropbox & Google Drive using the Add-On.
- The XML can then be converted to other formats, and can also be viewed on a computer.
- Tested on Android v1.5 to v4.4.2

Plse note that MMS (Picture/Audio/ messages) support is currently in BETA.
On newer with inbuilt storage the default backup loion will probably be the internal storage card and not the external.

This is because the phone reports the storage that way.
If you intend to do a factory reset on the phone, plse make sure you save/email a copy of the backup outside the phone before doing it.

Plse start the app at lst once after updates so that the scheduled backups start working.
This App needs access to the following:
* Your messages: Backup and Restore messages. Receive SMS permission needed to properly handle messages received while the app is the default messaging app on Android 4.4+ devices.
* Storage: To crte the Backup file on the SD card.
* Phone calls – Without this the Restore fails on some .
* Your social information: To display and store the contact names in the Backup file.
* Run at start-up: Start scheduled Backups.
* Control Vibration: To vibrate the phone when an operation is completed.
* Prevent Phone from Sleeping: To prevent the phone from going to sleep/suspended state while a Backup or Restore operation is in progress.
* Test access to Protected Storage: To crte the Backup file on the SD card.


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Table Top Racing v1.0.11 Mod Apk MediaFire

Incredible Console-Quality Gameplay and Graphics! From the co-crtor of ’s blockbuster PlayStation franchise ‘WipEout’ comes ‘Table Top Racing’, a fast and furious combat racing game fturing console quality graphics and gameplay. ‘Table Top Racing’ pits all manner of crazy cars and automobiles against ch other in a world of table top race tracks and over-sized obstacles.

Game Ftures:
- 17 Upgradble Cars
- 8 Incredible Race Tracks
- 4 Fierce Championships
- 30+ Special Events
- 6 Unique Game Play Modes
- 9 Cunning Power-Ups

Google Play Ftures:
- 28 Achievements
- 19 Lderboards
- Cloudsave
- Auto Login
- Multi-language Support: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

With an awesome arsenal of madcap wpons and devious power-ups to play with, cars and tracks are brought to life with ‘Triple-A’ production values lavished on every pixel. Players can also win coins, upgrade vehicles, unlock new cars, expand their wpons cabinet in a bid to blast their way to the front of the grid. Simple, responsive controls make ‘Table Top Racing’ instantly playable with super smooth frame rates on all supported devices delivering a stunning racing game experience that all mobile gamers will enjoy.

What players said:
“If you ever liked Mario Karts or Micro Machines, you’ll love Table Top Racing”
“Amazingly smooth graphics and so addictive! Final a rl gamer’s game on Android”
“Best mobile racing game ever! Well done Playrise!”

What the Press said:
Slide to Play: Game of the Month
What Mobile: Game of the Month
Pocket-Lint: App of the Day: “An instant classic!”
Pocket Gamer: Game Of The Week “Polished and instantly playable”
Touch “Table Top Racing looks absolutely gorgeous!”
The Sunday Times “Console quality entertainment at a fraction of the price”
The Sun “Table Top of the Pops!”

What’s New
- New FREE COINS button! Get 1000 coins for watching an advert. If you would like to support Table Top Racing at no cost to you, plse click on an advert, INSTALL AND RUN the app and we will get paid by someone else. Thank you!
- All MOGA Controllers are now supported
- In-Game full-screen immersion mode for Android 4.4 devices (back button still active in menus)
- New Permissions: Ad networks rd device ID to decide what advert to send. No personal data is collected or stored by us.

Download Table Top Racing v1.0.11 [Mod Money]


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Pacific Fleet v2.08 Apk MediaFire

Pacific Fleet is turn based game set upon a detailed simulation depicting naval warfare during World War II.

- Stunning full 3D graphics depict the grtest war at s
- Historically based ships, aircraft, wpons and dozens of ship upgrades
- A unique blend of deep strategic planning combined with quick tactical decisions
- Play as the US Pacific Fleet or Imperial Japanese Navy
- 90 combat zones to battle through on your way to victory
- Single Battle and Multiplayer Hotst modes
- Complete 44 achievements
- Sink ships with rlistic buoyancy physics, not with hit-point bars!
- Submarine warfare and carrier operations with dive bombing and torpedo bombers
- Dynamic wther, shore bombardments and night engagements
- Target specific ship subsystems to sink or cripple the enemy
- 17 playable ships
- 8 playable aircraft
- Random ship placement, wind, wther and night engagements make ch play-through unique
- No In Apps. No Pay-to-Progress. One Price = Full Game.

What’s New in Pacific Fleet v2.08
- Fixed black screen (with only audio) on some devices.
- Optimized water to not stutter on some devices.
- Added Quit Button to main menu.
- Added volume control to options (may need to reset your options after updating)
- RADAR now gives elevation estimate when selecting individual targets on islands.
- Added tip message to remind players to select enemy ship for aiming air strikes.
- Added tip message to remind players to tap island, then tap again to highlight targets for that mission.


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I, Gladiator v1.4.0.19875_etc1 Apk MediaFire

I, Gladiator offers an almost too rl experience of a bloody gladiatorial combat. This is not a simple & slash game. To prevail you would need to be cunning as well as strong, work out a strategy for every level, use environment to your advantage, notice and utilize enemy’s wknesses and last, but not the lst, win that spoiled crowd.

I, Gladiator is the game for you if you like these ftures:
FREE MOVEMENT 3D COMBAT with intuitive control system allowing for different manuvers and combos;

FIGHT MULTIPLE DIFFERENT ENEMIES AT ONCE, ch with unique combat style. A rl gladiatorial arena mayhem!;

HUGE INVENTORY OF VARIOUS WPONS AND ARMOR at your arsenal. You may even pick up or rent a new one at the arena’s workshop and re-arm yourself during the battle;

HUNGRY VICIOUS LIONS to spoil your day!;
VARIOUS ARENA TRAPS to avoid and put to your advantage;
DISMEMBER your enemies if you master special strikes!;
NON-REPETITIVE STORYLINE professionally voiced in Latin;
STUNNING CARTOONISH GRAPHICS that make you believe you are holding a console in your hands;

GAME CENTER SUPPORT, enthralling achievements and lderboards to challenge your friends.
FULL COMPATIBILITY with iPhone 3gs, 4, 4S, 5, iPod 4-5, iPad 1-4 and mini, with appropriate settings selected automatically to allow for the best gameplay experience on your device.

I, Gladiator!
Punch them, kick them, hit them, stun them, impale them, dismember them, them, destroy them! Be the best gladiator to be cheered for by the romans and their Gods alike!!!

Relse info:
Purchased and by Twingo
Pls Download Data with wifi


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Versicolor – Icon Pack v2.2.0.1 Apk MediaFire

Colorful! Vibrant! The newly redesigned Versicolor is an icon set inspired by color. ch icon is crafted to be familiar, but eye-popping with a bright rim of neon metal. The icon base is chiclet-style with a flat layer, which the rest of the design is placed on. These icons are sure to bring a delightful amount of design choices to your Android device.

▪ Over 1550+ hand-crafted icons
▪ Cloud-based wallpaper gallery
▪ egory-based icon picker with Srch
▪ Quick-launch Apply actions
▪ Fully-fture dashboard appliion
▪ High-definition icons
▪ Muzei support
▪ Help/FAQ with tutorials

▪ Nova Launcher
▪ Action Launcher Pro
▪ Apex Launcher
▪ Solo Launcher
▪ Smart Launcher
▪ Atom Launcher
▪ Holo Launcher
▪ ADW Launcher EX
▪ Unicon (Icon Themer)
▪ Go Launcher EX
▪ ADW Launcher
▪ Launchmate Pro

★ We actively update our products.
★ New icons are relsed monthly.
★ If you don’t see an icon for an app you love, you can submit an icon request.


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Dragon Slayers v1.3.6 Apk MediaFire

Dragonslayer is an intense, brthtaking action-RPG adventure. Be transported to a land of magic, mystery, and ofcourse, danger.

Lose yourself in an incredibly expansive, impressively open, three-dimensional world the likes of which you’ve never imagined. Travel to a land where simple psants pray for a hero, and challenge yourself to become the hero they so desperately need.

Dragonslayer ftures butiful, crtive artwork, and custom sound effects. Both are further enhanced by the game’s instrumental score, which complements the fantasy epic theme. Players may choose to play as one of two classes. Those that prefer the straightforward manner of a man who solves problems with his sword will gravitate toward the warrior class. For those who tend toward cunning and finesse, the lovely but ddly female mage is a better choice.

And if you have the hrt, the skill, and the endurance to succeed, you will find you’ve become more than a hero: You’ve become a Dragonslayer.

An Incredible 3D Experience
* Rendered entirely in three dimensions, Dragonslayer is as rlistic as it is fantastical.
* Gorgeous textures and detailed environments bring the fantasy to life
* Inspired character design—not only for the player characters, but for the townsfolk, the mobs, and the quest-givers
* Detailed animations for ch combat skill and special attack, perfectly timed with custom sound effects
* 360 degree, rotating, flying-camera point of view gives you a hrt stopping view of the constant action
Ultimate Action RPG Game Play
* Choose to play as a battle hardened mage or a warrior who lives and dies by the sword
* Discover your purpose in an expansive, well developed universe
* Explore a world fit for PC gaming, with the convenience of a mobile appliion
* Gather trsure by looting chests and enemies, develop your character and discover more about the story throughout the game’s numerous quest lines in every ar
* Improve the skills that keep you alive—and make sure your enemies die—by rning and applying skill points to support your own personally preferred play style
* Improve your gr, store your items, and buy new items by interacting with NPCs
Other Ftures
* Waypoints serve as travel shortcuts, letting you experience the world the way you’
* Use the network auction house to obtain and sell goods
* Buy useful game-enhancing items and boosters with in-app purchases

-Dragonslayer requires a minimum of 2GB free space. Plse give the game adequate time (up to ten minutes depending on your device and connection) to download before turning off your phone in order to prevent installation errors. After the initial download, additional downloads may be required. You should be connected to a WiFi network to download additional content and updates.

-Dragonslayer is a single player game and your save data is stored locally on your device. If you delete the game, you will delete your saved data.


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Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO v3.6 Apk MediaFire

Get AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO for Android™ now for premium, full ftured protection from viruses, malware, spyware & online ation in rl-time.

Download NOW with just an sy 1-time payment and join over 100,000,000 people who alrdy installed AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps!

With AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO you can:
★ Scan apps, settings, files, media, calls & text messages (SMS) in rl-time
★ Enable finding/loing your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps™
★ Lock & wipe your phone to protect your privacy
★ Kill tasks that can slow down your phone
★ Browse the web safely and securely
★ Monitor battery, storage and data package usage
★ Filter & block unwanted calls & text messages (SMS)

In addition, when installing the premium app, you also get:
★ App Locker – protect app access
★ App Backup – backup apps from your device to your SD
★ Camera Trap – discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong s when trying to unlock your phone
★ SIM Lock – locks your phone whenever the SIM card is replaced
AVG Mobile AntiVirus Security PRO also:
★ Defends against malicious apps, viruses, malware and spyware
★ Identifies unsecure device settings and advises on how to fix them
★ Helps ensure contacts, bookmarks & text messages are safe
★ Checks media files for malicious software & security thrts
★ Guards you from phishing attacks

App ftures:
★ Scan downloaded apps & files and remove malicious content
★ Srch, shop & use social networks with pce of mind knowing your identity & personal data are protected from phishing & malware
★ Scan websites for harmful thrts. If a suspicious URL is detected, you will be redirected to a “Safe Page” (applicable to Android’s default browser only)

★ Kill tasks & processes that can slow down or freeze up your device
★ Monitor battery consumption, set battery level notifiions & enable power saving
★ Monitor traffic – keep track of your 3G /4G mobile data plan usage by getting notifiions when you are nr to rching your monthly data plan limit
★ Optimize internal & SD card storage space by either uninstalling apps and games or by moving them between the internal device memory and SD card

Anti-Theft & Phone Loion:
Use AVG’s remote management console or text messages (SMS) to:
★ Loe your lost or stolen phone and get help finding it via Google Maps™
★ Lock your phone and set a lock screen message to help the loor find you
★ Make your phone ring (shout) even if it is on silent mode
★ Wipe your phone and SD card content
★ Camera Trap: discreetly emails you a photo of anyone who enters 3 wrong s when trying to unlock your phone
★ SIM Lock: automatically locks your phone whenever someone replaces your SIM card
★ App locker: lock apps to protect your privacy and safety or lock your device settings to secure its configuration
★ App Backup: backup apps from your device to your SD card so you can restore them whenever necessary
★ Call and Message Blocker: protect yourself against spammers, s and scammers. Get warned about suspicious text messages, filter and block unwanted calls and messages
* SMS Blocker isn’t available for Android v4.4 Kit-Kat devices
★Wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar, format SD card, and restore mobile device to factory settings
Mobile Antivirus Security PRO supported languages in 18 language.


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Octa UI (Apex Nova Icon Theme) v1.5 Apk MediaFire

Octa UI is an icon pack theme for launchers such as GO, Nova, Apex, Action, Smart, and many more. The theme transforms your icons into some sleek, flat, and octagon-shaped icons. The colour palette, which was used to crte the icons, ftures only 8 colors, this makes the icons tie to ch other and gives them a unified look – and Icons should have a unified look! As usual with icon packs, you must have one of the launchers below installed in order to apply the theme.

• 960+ HD Icons rendered at 144x144px
• Iconmask/Iconback support for unthemed icons
• 6 HD wallpapers
• Multiple launcher support
• Dashboard app
• Built-In icon requester

Supported Launchers:
• GO
• Nova


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IcoPack (Nova|Apex|Go|ADW) v7.0 Apk MediaFire

715+ Icons in HD
In order to use this app, you need a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, ADW Launcher, Holo Launcher, Action Launcher, etc. You can access this icon pack form within the settings of the
Tags: icon pack theme nova apex holo adw go action launcher icopack clrpack


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GoodPlayer Pro for Android v3.8 Apk MediaFire

Plse first check out the free GoodPlayer for Android on Google Play, so to make sure the GoodPlayer Pro for Android will work on the device.

No need to convert the media files before playing it, GoodPlayer can play AVI, Xvid, Divx,VOB,FLV,WMV ,MKV, , MP4, HTTP, RTSP,MMS,MMSH,MMST,RTP,UDP and HTTPS etc…

files and strming directly on Android devices. Just transfer the media files to your Android devices, then it can be played at once.

* Built-in UPnP client, folder playback supported (Long press on the given network folder, then select “Play all the URLs in this directory”, a playlist will be erated automatically)
* srt,ass,ssa,smi,”idx+sub”,Blu-ray pgs and mkv embedded subtitle supported
* m3u playlist supported
* .iso playback supported
* Built-in WebDAV client, folder playback supported (Long press on the given network folder, then select “Play all the URLs in this directory”, a playlist will be erated automatically), both HTTP and HTTPS supported
* HTTP, RTSP,MMS,MMSH,MMST,RTP(both unicast and multicast),HTTPS and UDP(both unicast and multicast) strming playback supported
* 3g2,3ga,3gp,3gp2,3gpp,a52,aac,ac3,adt,adts,aif,aifc,aiff,amr,aob,ape,avi,awb,caf,divx,drc,dts,dv,f4v,flac,flv,gvi,gxf,iso,it,m1v,m2p,m2t,m2ts,m2v,m3u,m4a,m4p,m4v,m4r,m4a,mid,mka,mkv,mlp,mod,mov,mp1,mp2,mp2v,,mp4,mp4v,mpa,mpc,mpe,mpeg,mpeg1,mpeg2,mpeg4,mpc,mpg,mpv,mpv2,moov,mt2s,mts,m,mxf,mxg,nsv,nuv,oga,ogg,ogm,ogv,ogx,oma,opus,ps,qt,
ra,ram,rm,rmi,rmvb,s3m,spx,tp,ts,tta,tts,vob,voc,vqf,vro,w64,wav,webm,wm,wma,wmv,wv,xa,xesc,xm file formats

FAQ #1: What is the difference between GoodPlayer for Android and GoodPlayer Pro for Android?
GoodPlayer for Android is free and ad-supported. GoodPlayer Pro for Android is a paid app and ad-free.

Plse first check out the free GoodPlayer for Android on Google Play, so to make sure the GoodPlayer Pro for Android will work on the device.

FAQ #2: Does GoodPlayer/GoodPlayer Pro for Android support .iso file format? Why is there no audio during .iso playback?

Yes. GoodPlayer/GoodPlayer Pro for Android supports .iso file format. By default, it will play with the first audio track, so it comes without audio. Plse use the “Options Menu”–>”Audio Track” to find the correct audio track, erally it is the last audio track for .iso file format. From 1.1 version, .iso audio track selection improved, now the app will select the last audio track for .iso automatically.

FAQ #3: In the GoodPlayer built-in UPnP and WebDAV client, how to play all the files in one folder?
Long press on the given network folder, then select “Play all the URLs in this directory”, a playlist will be erated automatically.


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Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro v2.2 Apk MediaFire

Deep Sleep Battery Saver extends the battery life up to 40 % .
Deep Sleep Battery Saver continuous set your phone to the ” deep sleep ” while the screen is off
During the ” deep sleep ” : Wifi , 3G is turned off , the background appliion is stopped .

Consequently , most appliions do not work , including Facebook , Google services , etc. After a certain period of time , it will give the phone to wake up in a new email , Facebook status

synchronization , v . V. , . It is determined by the frequency of ” deep sleep ” and wake up time
In advanced mode ( PRO ) , you can customize more parameters , including installation day / night , uptime , screen timeout , asynchronous strategy , bypassing the appliion will not when the ” deep sleep ” , v. .. v ,

☆ 5 mode is available before booking : tle , Balance, Strong , Aggressive , Slumberer . It’s different in terms of time , frequency and other settings . The modes are sorted by frequency decrsed and incrsed battery savings .
☆ custom mode ( PRO ) – for advanced users . If you need more customization , select this mode and modify it
☆ Setting custom mode
- Separate set between the end of the week to the day of the week
- Frequency : Device deep sleep mode is enabled at a selected frequency
- Time : device wakes up after a selected period of time after ch frequency cycle
- Wileless & networking : Control mode network connectivity during ” deep sleep ” is enabled
- Sync : synchronization control strategy and account sync , auto sync
- Appliion : Select the appliion will be stopped when the ” deep sleep ” on
- CPU : off mode and just keep 1CPU – ( machine only has root )
- Night time : During this time , the device is always in the ” deep sleep ”

eral settings ☆
- Delay the start screen off a short delay before entering the ” deep sleep ” . This option is used to avoid the screen to change quickly .
- Whitelist : These appliions are always retain the ” deep sleep ” , such as online music program
- Ignore the close appliion here : will not stop the recent appliion
- Use APN settings : 2G/3G/4G toggle controls better
- Check data base : If selected , it will ignore deep sleep mode if on a threshold test that determines data
- Threshold data & data sampling frequency
☆ Tasker plugin , Locale plugin


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C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD v6.1.7 Apk MediaFire

CHAOS Tournament HD – official tournament on CHAOS from the game developers
for Latest and powerful ANDROID devices only

This is #1 Helicopter multiplayer simulator.
Buying an HD version you will get:
- High resolution graphics
- Improved sound effects
- Antialiasing settings
- And also + 200 GOLD free bonus (it is equivalent to $2)

C.H.A.O.S – Combat Helicopter Assault Operation Simulator
The main difference with CHAOS Tournament free that you’ll gain 200 gold from the start point (it’s ~ 2 USD benefit)
CHAOS Tournament – is your opportunity to go through the new military adventure in the sky, but in an even more rigorous and competitive environment. If you are an experienced pilot – test your fighting skills, fighting on the rigid rules of our tournaments with those who alrdy have significant experience in the management of helicopter gunships. If you’re new – prove that you are a rising star, or … or fall from the sky.

The motto of the CHAOS Tournament: In the sky, there will be only one!
- Prizes
- of fighting for the analysis and preparation for combat available
- 2 types of tournaments: regular (includes 3 ues) and elite (for ssoned fighters)
- The integration of games with Game Center and Facebook
- Rlistic helicopter simulator and game play, rich with action and events
- Highly detailed helicopter models from lding manufacturers including the U.S., Russia and Europe (AH-64 “Apache”, UH-60 “Black Hawk”, MI-24 “Hind”, Ka-52 “Alligator”, RAH-66 “Comanche”) and other
- Unique visual and sound effects
- Rl maps and battle loions
- 8 training missions, you can prepare for the air fight by passing training missions
- Ability to improve performance and upgrade wpons for your helicopter
- Medals and orders for the professionalism displayed in battle
- Detailed statistics combat achievements, which is available both in game and on the website
Add friends, participate in tournaments, improve combat skills in between tournaments in training missions and online battles, and win awards and titles.

What’s New in C.H.A.O.S Tournament HD v6.1.7
Online game servers improvement.
Facebook login.
Minor changes and bug fixes


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iPhone Message 7 v1.1.1 Apk MediaFire

iMessage is an iPhone iOS 7 style Message apps. Simple, Fast and sy to Use.
+ iOS 7 iPhone Message style
+ Message conversation
+ Srch in messages
+ MMS with picture,camera,,audo,slideshow
+ Forward,delete,copy messages
+ Over 800 iPhone Emoji
+ Popup window
+ Blue bubble


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Root Uninstaller Pro v5.5.120306 Apk MediaFire

Helps remove system apps and freeze the apps you do not use .
*** If your phone does not root , it is recommended that you use ” App Tyrant ” my appliion ***
Very fast and simple uninstaller tool single click to uninstall both systems and appliions regularly .

ROOT + NAND unlocked devices
☆ Uninstall system appliions
☆ Freeze or disable bloatware apps , and regular stock ( keep updating )
☆ Defrost or enable appliions ( Free trial or PRO )
☆ Backup system appliion apk sdcard (that can reinstall later)
☆ Restore backed up appliions
☆ Reset appliions installed fresh state
☆ Delete definitively system appliions
☆ Hide My App : an app launch automatically re- frozen and freeze shut on the appliion ( Pro only , type in Launch – > Freeze button )

For NON- ROOT devices
☆ Quick APK list to show all available . APK files on SDCard
☆ Keep Market reference and can restore after factory reset device / change
☆ Manage to clr data , cache ( manually )
☆ APK file management : delete , install , install as a system app ( PRO )
☆ Single click to uninstall a listed appliions ( Batch uninstall ) .
☆ Display appliion name , icon , package name
☆ Exclude system appliions ( that you can not uninstall )
☆ Filter by third-party appliions , system appliions , appliions on sdcard . backup appliions or frozen appliions
☆ Support large screen (eg tablet ) views
☆ Discover appliion data folder , script folder (eg edit preferences , needs AntTek File Explorer )
Testing on the free version :
☆ Three times to melt or restore apps for Free version

☆ Make sure you app is granted by SuperUser
☆ If you cann’t freeze / defrost , try to enable USB Debugging ( HOME / Settings / Appliion Development / / USB Debugging )
☆ If you cann’t restore backup app , try to ” find apps on SD card ” then long- press the app and select ” install as system app ” .
☆ This appliion uses SDCARD to store data
☆ PRO and the free version is fully compatible


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WhatsApp Messenger v2.11.182 Apk MediaFire

WhatsApp Messenger is a smartphone messenger available for Android and other smart. WhatsApp uses your 3G or WiFi (when available) to message with friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and messages. First yr FREE! ($0.99 USD/yr after)

★ NO HIDDEN COST: Once you and your friends download the appliion, you can use it to chat as much as you want. Send a million messages a day to your friends for free! WhatsApp uses your Internet connection: 3G/EDGE or Wi-Fi when available.
★ MULTIMEDIA: Send , s, and Voice notes to your friends and contacts.
★ GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group conversations with your contacts.
★ NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: Just like there is no added cost to send an international email, there is no cost to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends all over the world as long as they have WhatsApp Messenger installed and avoid those pesky international SMS costs.
★ SAY NO TO PINS AND USERNAMES: Why even bother having to remember yet another PIN or username? WhatsApp works with your phone , just like SMS would, and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book.
★ NO NEED TO LOG IN/OUT: No more confusion about getting logged off from another computer or device. With push notifiions WhatsApp is ALWAYS ON and ALWAYS CONNECTED.
★ NO NEED TO ADD BUDDIES: Your Address Book is used to automatically connect you with your contacts. Your contacts who alrdy have WhatsApp Messenger will be automatically displayed.
★ OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your push notifiions or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your messages offline until you retrieve them during the next appliion use.
★ AND MUCH MORE: Share loion, Exchange contacts, Custom wallpaper, Custom notifiion sounds, Landscape mode, Precise message time stamps, Email chat history, Broadcast messages and MMS to many contacts at once and much much more!


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THE BATTERED CM 10-11 THEME v2.0 Apk MediaFire

Totally blacked out the dialer
Thanks to DeNite fixed the google plus update and this theme force closing

******NEW UPDATE*****

NEW UPDATE 1/15/14

NEW UPDATE 11/2/13*****

***********MAJOR UPDATES 04/23/2013******************

Ok first things first…I OWE THE BIGGEST THANKS TO jatx2wne ( Plse check out his themes) He is the man for answering all of my questions sending me a new template, being a inspiration to want to even attack themeing, To me he is the best and helps bring the and asop and cm10 have the style that you erally only see in MIUI. Thanks Jason

Also this guy doesn’t know me nor have we spoke but The Mixer theme on my old droid x was the one theme i couldnt get away from.

(wish he would bring back the red hd wallpaper) MrDSL for also being a inspiration to theme. Thank You for your grt work!!!

Thanks to Ticklefish for crting Tickle My Droid ( anyone not familiar with this plse try it its so sy) if you need anyhelp with it you can find it here or you can pm me.

Thanks to Maynards.jb and ba_hamilton for testing and giving me your feedback…
Ok back to the mt the battered theme has taken on a major transformation i thought the first version was a little linr so i added color to for those downloading the color is #ff00ffff. the new gmail, board are themed as well as the old but as we found out last night these are Rom dependent.. The Project Elite works well

added alot of transparency
new status bar and icons New data signals and wifi signals ( designed by the man!! jatxwne ) these are the most amazing i loved them in his OPTICS theme

thank you my brother for the psd. and edited to match theme by me..just for the record i always dug the old droidx days of the red n green signal in and out sorry about it not matching but i just like for those too stick out a little more

complete googlesrchbox
Circle Battery designed by Virginia Bright Thank You
revamped xml
over 3000 s
all framework
all cm 10 toggles re done
aokp switches re done
System UI
Google rs
MIUI player
google music
apollo music
power widgets
facebook widget
Apex Launcher
and lots more
i have a android..

This is for cm10 theme chooser
your phone must be rooted
if you get error applying
apply system theme reboot and apply The Battered Theme


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MapMyRun+ GPS Running v2.9.4 Apk MediaFire

The new paid version of the popular free app, MapMyRun! This version removes all advertisements from the app.

Built to help runners, joggers, and walkers of all ability levels and ages.
sily track pace, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more!

“The best part of my run—the MapMyRun app. I’m in love with this thing… With MapMyRun, all you do is press Start when you begin your work out, and it calculates your route, mie, minutes per mile and calories ed.” – @plankpilates

Track running, cycling, and over 600 types of other activities with:
⊕ Pace
⊕ GPS Route Mapping
⊕ Distance
⊕ Route navigation
⊕ Calorie counting
⊕ Elevation profile
⊕ Nutrition, food, diet, and weight tracking
⊕ Rl-time Stats (avg/min/max pace, distance, time, etc) during workout
⊕ Voice prompts that give you updates on your progress as you go!
⊕ Compete on local Courses: receive automatic achievements and overall rank on Lderboards for popular local runs and rides.
⊕ Tracks in the background so you can listen to music, take calls, and use any other fture of your phone, while still tracking
Bragging (optional!):
⊕ Post your workouts to Facebook and Twitter, or keep every thing completely private
All of your info syncs securely with your free account on www.MapMyRun.com.
Perfect training app for “couch to 5K”, all the way to elite marathoner, or even someone just looking for a weight loss, diet or calorie counting app.

Grt for training for 10K, half marathon, marathon, even 50k (battery life up to 8 hours of tracking on newer !).

Visit www.MapMyRun.com to:
⊕ Srch the world’s largest database of running, walking, and cycling routes.
⊕ Join sponsored challenges and WIN PRIZES (i.e. trips and shoes) just for running.
⊕ Connect with our community of millions of fitness enthusiasts.
⊕ Sync devices like Nike+, Garmin, Polar, CycleOps Joule, PowerTap, Fitbit, Timex, Magellan at www.MapMyRun.com
♬ Play music! This app keeps tracking your run in the background, so you can play your iPod, run Pandora or your favorite music app simultaneously. ♬
⊕ Explore settings, with many grt ftures including auto-pause, audio alert settings and more

Be sure to visit us at www.MapMyRun.com for the full experience.


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The PDF Expert for Android v2.8.3 Apk MediaFire

PDF Max is the 5-star rated, full-ftured PDF rder used by millions of iPhone/iPad users world-wide and now available for your Android. It was designed for those people who’re looking for a full-ftured, touch-based optimization & professional PDF appliion with all ftures you need for an everyday PDF app in one place so that you do not need to spend extra money for other apps.

PDF Max ftures include:
TEXT REFLOW: PDF Max includes an Amazing Text Reflow fture that helps you rd your PDF sily with any kind of PDF. Forget the tedious pan & zoom steps, you now just enjoy rding your documents.

TEXT TO SPEECH: Don’t keep your eyes on the screen all the time, Let the superb TTS fture in PDF Max does the work: It rd PDF documents for you.

FAST RENDERING: PDF Max equips a super-fast rendering engine worked smoothly on all Android /Tablets with Android 2.2 or newer.

FAST SCROLLING: PDF Max is the best PDF app that allows continuous vertical scroll through an entire document. You can also set the option to view one page at a time, it’s your choice.

SMART ZOOM: Double-tap on text blocks and PDF Max will zoom the touched text block to fit the screen. Simple & efficient rding.

UI & NAVIGATE: The Navigation Panel lets you interact with your documents by thumbnails, bookmarks, annotations, PDF outline, Srch or other common actions.

LARGE PDFs: PDF Max opens large PDFs sily without any problem. The maximum file size is only depending on the file size supported by the device itself.

Highly advanced form-filling ftures that support complex form field s & calculations are on hand within the app to help users handle filling out many different documents such as AcroForm & Static XFA forms among others.

Experience the handwriting capabilities like never before, only in PDF Max.

PDF Max lets you insert text into your PDF by crting FreeTexts (a.k.a TypeWriter).

Use your finger or a stylus to take handwritten notes or highlight text in books, whether normal PDF or scanned. Eraser is of course also included to help you correct and refine your handwriting.

Mark important things in books, journals or documents using Highlight, Underline, Cross-out and Squiggly tools.

Add comments anywhere in the document. PDF Max even supports thrd-conversations to help you collaborate with others like never before.

Record and embed voice annotations within the PDF document.

Draw, position and resize a multitude of shapes, including Rectangles, Lines, Ovals, Polylines, and Polygons with lit snapping.

You can INSERT/REORDER/COPY/PASTE/EXTRACT/DELETE/EMAIL pages. PDF Max also supports manage PDF Bookmarks.

Manage your own PDF library or all your PDFs on your devices sily with an intuitive File Management Interface. Dropbox is supported, more storages will be supported in the next updates.

What’s New in The PDF Expert for Android v2.8.3 (PDF Max)
- Added: The most requested fture: Multi is now supported for Galaxy devices.
- Fixed: An issue that makes PDF documents annotated by PDF Max are not compatible with Acrobat
- Improved: Minor bug fixes & enhancements.


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Chord Wheel : Circle of 5ths v5.0 Apk MediaFire

The Interactive Chord Wheel is an implementation of one of the most basic and significant music theory, ‘Circle of fifths’ on Android. This app is uniquely designed to represent the relationship between a scale and a chord.

In the screen of this app, the Circle is made up of several concentric rings, which provides various information. By rotating the 2 rings, inner and outer, the needed information can be got sily.

The outer most ring shows information on the scale such as a tonic, a dominant, a sub-dominant, a relative minor, a relative major, and a progression of the degree. The next outer ring shows a series of note’s name ordered by the progression of 5th, and the root note of a scale can be set by rotationg this ring. When rotating the outer ring, the inner ring rotates also. The next ring shows a degree of a note and a diatonic chord in that scale. By rotaing the next ring, a chord can be set. If a note name of the outer ring is touched, then a diatonic chord, of which the root note is the note, is set. Instd of the inner chord ring, a progression ring can be displayed which is very useful when transposing a song to another . At the center of the concentric rings, a signiture of the scale is displayed.

Both a handset or a tablet are supported. However, it is recommended you to use this app on a tablet larger than a 7-inch for a better usabilty.

The direction of the circle
The direction of the progression on a circle can be set to a CW or a CCW direction by a user.

Switchable Inner Wheel
The inner wheel can be switched when it is needed. A chord wheel, a transpose wheel, and a interval wheel are avalable.

A major scale and 3 minor scale and church modes are available. The scale tones can be distinguished by its background color. A diatonic chord of the scale can be set by touching one of its scale tones.

Diatonic Scale Chord
Both triads and 7th chords are supported for ch scale.

Chord Wheel
Chord wheel is uniquely designed to represent the relationship between a scale and a chord. Most diatonic chords are available. The chord tones can be distinguished by its background color or its mark.

Transpose Wheel
For transposing, a ring of progression can be displayed instd of a chord ring.

Interval Wheel
Intervals of notes can be found out sily and quickly. Just switch the inner wheel to an interval wheel.

Inversion of a Chord
The inversion of a chord can be played by clicking a button, and also can be seen through the piano view.

Notation System
There are various ways of naming note names. In this app, EFGAB, EFGAH, and Fixed-Do systems are supported. Also, you can set a prefered accidental, a sharp(#) or a flat(♭).

Information about a scale or a chord is shown on a 2-octave sized mini piano. It can be played by touching the .

Information about a scale or a chord also can be shown on a guitar fretboard. It’s tunable.

Colors / Marks
The tones of a scale and a chord are associated with the 7 colors of the rainbow. For example, the 1st note is red, and the 7th note is violet.

Also, marks such as ●, △, ★, ◎ represent that it’s 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th note.
Clef / Signature
A signature of the scale is showed at the center of rings. A clef can be set to a treble of a bass.
When the center is touched, user-defined action is performed.

The sound of a scale and a chord can be played. A chord sound can be played arpeggio pattern or not.
Piano, E.Piano, and Guitar sounds are included. The bundled sounds are recorded in high quality.

Available scales
Natural / Harmonic / Melodic Minor
Available chords
Major (Triad)
Major 7th
Major 6th
Major 7th aug 5th
Major aug 5th (Triad)
Suspended 2nd (Triad)
Suspended 4th (Triad)
Minor (Triad)
Minor 7th
Minor 6th
Minor Major 7th
Dominant 7th
Dominant 7th aug 5th
Dominant 7th flat 5th
Dominant 7th sus 4th
Diminished (Triad)
Diminished 7th
Minor 7th flat 5th

What’s New in Chord Wheel : Circle of 5ths v5.0
Recent changes can be rd from


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Sakura Pro Live Wallpaper v1.0.2 Apk MediaFire

Sakura Live Wallpaper Pro with Bubble game for live wallpaper .
A cherry blossom is the flower of any of several trees of us Prunus, particularly the Japanese Cherry, Prunus serrulata, which is sometimes called sakura after the Japanese . Many of the varieties that have been cultivated for ornamental use do not produce fruit. Edible cherries erally come from cultivars of the related species Prunus avium and Prunus cer.

Japan has a wide variety of cherry blossoms (sakura), well over 200 cultivars can be found there. The most popular variety of cherry blossom in Japan is the Somei Yoshino. Its flowers are nrly pure white, tinged with the palest pink, especially nr the stem. They bloom and usually fall within a week, before the lves come out.

Sakura Pro Live Wallpaper have 9 different backgrounds and can sily switch between such different backgrounds. You can make the background automatic switch as slideshow background.

Sakura Pro Version have full setting :
* 9 difference background Wallpaper
* Sildeshow auto change background Wallpaper
* Bubble Game with point on Touch Bubble
* Option Bubble style,
* 8 flowers background in Bubble
* Choose random background for Bubble
* Setting 9 flower difference falling

You can touch the screen to bubble and when you move touch that will crte wind pushes the bubble fly farther.

We will continue to upgrade new functionality of app . We hope you rate 5 stars for the app .
Thank you !

For Use : HOME => Menu (or long press) => Wallpaper => Live Wallpapers => Sakura Pro
Or click Shortcut Icon on home screen for launching App !


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Opera browser for Android v20.0.1396.72047 Apk MediaFire

Download web browser for mobile and best Android tablet . Opera is designed for the latest Android devices .

Opera has butiful interface , runs fast and accompanied by a long list of useful ftures to be installed . Download it now and start enjoying :
- Better connectivity : Always online even when the network is slow or congested by switching to Off – Road . ( This fture also gives you internet service cer ! )
- ENTERTAINMENT : Use the integrated download manager available for downloading and music on the web .
- PRIVACY : Access anywhere on the internet without lving a trace when using private browsing mode .
- Inspiring : View the latest news right in your browser from magazines and lding newspapers fturing Discover .
- CONTENTS OF YOUR FAVORITE : The page you are always on the same show by dialing ftures intuitive .
Rated by CNET editors : Outstanding . ” We strongly recommend that you try Opera ! ”
Let’s discover the cause of the evaluators and users are passionate entirely new Android browser Opera . New ftures and improvements include :
- An interface completely redesigned lightweight , cln and bright
- The faster response components , from smart scrollbar to automatically resize pages
- Stability and compatibility improvements – many sites perform better than ever in Opera

This is the fastest browser we designed for the most popular Android , such as :

If your device is not compatible with the latest version of the Opera browser , try the Mobile Classic ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.browser.classic ) or Opera Mini ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.opera.mini ) .

Introduction to Opera
Produced in Scandinavia , Opera is independent choice for those who are interested in the quality and design of their web browser . Since 1994, our products have been crted to help people around the world find information , connect with others and enjoy entertainment on the web .


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Robird for Twitter v2.1.1 Apk MediaFire

Twitter client Robird has a gorgeous look with an intuitive interface that makes it super sy to use while packing in tons of ftures. Optimized for both and tablets.

* Smooth and blazing fast timeline.
* Push notifiions
* Tablet UI
* Multiple upload and preview
* Strming option for timelines and directs
* Background auto refresh
* TweetMarker sync
* TweetLonger links and posting fture
* Auto send tweets if failed.
* Multiple preview and navigation with swipe between s
* Muting option based on hashtags and words
* Pebble smartwatch support
* DashClock widget extension

What’s New in Robird for Twitter v2.1.1
* Redesigned UI themes and navigation. KitKat translucent support.
* Tablet mode
* Topic trends added.
* Retweets timeline added.
* Pebble smartwatch notifiion support.
* And many bug fixes.


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Call and SMS sy Blocker Pro v4.1 Apk MediaFire

Call and SMS sy Blocker Pro is the most efficient call blocking app for Android to block disturbing calls & SMS. This app blocks unwanted SMS and calls from blacklist and also private s which most of time come from different advertisement acies. You can hang up on the caller or just mute call. Say goodbye to annoying and unwanted phone calls and texts.
Call and SMS sy Blocker Pro is 100% Advertisement free.

- Block unwanted/spam calls and text messages
- Block private & unknown callers
- Call waiting block support
- Blocked SMS will be erased before received
- You can sily monitor blocked calls/SMS from the blocked log
- Blacklist and blocked log backup facilities
- 100% Advertisement free
- sy to use


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Animated Widget Contact Pro v1.7.5 Apk MediaFire

Bundle of Contact, Contact Group, Apps Launcher Widgets.
Contact, Group Contact widgets shows photo of the contact(s), have quick (speed) dial, quick SMS, chat and email options.

App Launcer widget shows selected by you apps at one icon, so you can group your apps for example: Games, , etc.

PRO version has no limitations on widgets count.
Animated fast dial widget grtly facilitates such tasks as dialing frequent or favorite contacts, sending SMS, MMS or e-mailing. Call your contacts in 2 taps.

The user’s actions are accompanied by customizable effects, which are perfectly rlistic and strikingly butiful.

Favorite apps launcher. You can add some frequently used apps to group widget and start those apps in 2 clicks. You can Save space on your home screen.

Group items according to labels and crte fully customizable folders and widgets. You can organize your apps.

Competitors: Folder Organizer, Circlelauncher, Apps Organizer, Circle Launcher, Smart Shortcuts

What’s New in Animated Widget Contact Pro v1.7.5
- Spanish, Buarian, French, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, Serbian and Ukrainian localizations were significantly improved.
- Compatibility with Google is improved.
- Parameter “Overlapping status bar is allowed” works both for table and circle alloion kind.
- Restored compatibility with Viber 4.2.
- Bugfixing


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Flowly Pro – News for Android™ v1.4.6 Apk MediaFire

Flowly. – News & More
XDA says: “Flowly is something that every Android enthusiast should try.”
This is the Pro Version. Pro unlocks following ftures for you:
- completely Ad Free
- 4 new Flowly Pro Themes (Red, Orange, Violet, Blue)
- 1 new Pro Theme every month
- Premium Support
- Beta Access for Android Hub v2.0 (Beta starting in May 2014)
- get daily updates first

This App is made to bring the best Android News and s directly on your Phone or Tablet. Flowly is made with love and our goal is to satisfy your joy about Android. Flowly is translated in more than 60 languages (Only UI) You get the latest Android News pushed to your phone everyday. To offer you good News, we only use the best Android Sources in the web. Currently we support following feeds:
- Android Central
- Phandroid
- Android Authority
- XDA Developers
- Android Police
- Android And Me
- Cult of Android
- Droid Life
- AndroidPit
- Android Hdlines
- Android Spin
- Droid Gamers
- More to come…

Is your favorite feed missing? E-Mail us and we will add it as soon as possible.
Flowly runs with a butiful swipe design which is following the Android Design Guidelines.
Besides that, the app gives you many ftures and options to personalize your Android experience.

For example:
- Android News
- Youtube Channels (Built-in Player)
- Social Networks (Twitter, G+)
- 3 different Designs
- Notifiions
- Tons of settings to give you control
- Download ar
- On/Offline rding
- 2 Widgets (4×1 and 4×2)
- Tablet optimized
- many more…


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NES.emu v1.5.19 Apk MediaFire

Advanced open-source NES/Famicom emulator based on FCEUX 2.2.3-svn, designed and tested on the original Droid/Milestone, Xoom, Galaxy S2, 4, 7, NVidia Shield, and Xperia Play, but works on virtually any device with similar or better specs.

Ftures include:
* Backup memory and save state support, state files from FCEUX should work on NES.emu and vice-versa.
* Supports ROM-based games in .nes and .unf formats, optionally in zip files
* Famicom System emulation using .fds files (select your BIOS in the options first)
* VS UniSystem support, push Start to insert coins
* Uses FCEU-compatible files (.cht extension) with editing ftures
* Zapper/Gun support, touch screen to fire, touch & hold outside of display ar to simulate firing away from the
* Configurable on-screen multi-touch controls
* HID Bluetooth/USB gamepad & board support compatible with any input device recognized by the OS, Wii controllers also supported if running Android 4.1 or lower, all devices support custom profiles
* Works in any orientation


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Light Flow – LED&Notifiions v3.15.110 Apk MediaFire

Light Flow allows you to take control of your notifiion LED colors and makes them successively flash one color after another.

It also allows you to set repting sounds on vibration patterns for you notifiions. You can also set a “sleep” mode or “on charge” where the lights and/or sounds and vibrations will not be hrd or seen. If you’ve come from a device and miss the ftures of BeBuzz / BerryBuzz then give LightFlow a try!

This program will allow you to control the notifiion color for the over 600 appliions and system events such as:
* Missed calls
* Voice mail
* Calendar reminders
* gmail
* email
* SMS messages
* MMS messages
* Low battery
* No signal
* Google talk
* Facebook
* Twitter
…and many many more


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RoboCop™ v2.0.1 [Unlimited Money/Glu Gold] Apk MediaFire

Welcome to the official game of RoboCop the .
In 2028 Detroit, when Alex Murphy, a loving husband, father and good cop is critically injured in the line of duty, the multinational conglomerate OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police r.

Join the OmniCorp program to become RoboCop, the ultimate law enforcement r! Battle human crooks, robot enemies and lrn how to defend the citizens from the corrupt streets of Detroit.
Start your training now!

SHOOT your way through console quality training simulations
USE drone strikes to take out large groups of enemies
SAVE human hostages and capture informants

BATTLE aggressive robot enemies from the , like the EM-208 and the ED-209
UPGRADE your wpons and robotic suit to the latest technology that OmniCorp has to offer
SCAN your targets with body ht vision to find their loion and wk points

ROBOCOP (2014) © 2013 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures Inc. & Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. ROBOCOP is a trademark of Orion Pictures Corporation. © 2013 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Robocop is free to play, but you can choose to pay rl money for some extra items.
Use of this appliion is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms of Use. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Glu Mobile’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at www.glu.com. Additional terms may also apply.

What’s New
- New 2.1 & 2.2 Suits with unique Special Abilities!
- Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance.


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JUICED CM10-11 THEME v2.1 Apk MediaFire


*******KIT KAT UPDATED 01/27/14***

11/3/2013 UPDATE
Big Update




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Espier Clock Pro v2.0.8 Apk MediaFire

Espier Clock is an iOS-style clock, alarm, and stop watch app.
The Pro edition is only for users of Google Play. With this edition, we tried to provide you with a pure clock app in iOS-style. All ftures are enabled and the all ads are removed from the Pro edition.
Note: , iPhone, iPad are registered trademarks of Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world.

Note: iOS is a registered trademark of Technology, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries and regions around the world.

1. World clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer.
2. Wheel time setting mode.
3. Provide the most comprehensive world clock data.
4. Quickly turn on/off the alarm clock.
5. Multiple reminded mode.
6. Snooze, alarm, a variety of experience.


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Pick a Piggy v1.0.4 Apk MediaFire

Pong, the little toy pig, wants to get out of the dusty basement and see the world. Help her climb through the maze-like house in this enchanting physics-based puzzle game. apult your bouncing piggy through puzzles to porky freedom!

What’s New in Pick a Piggy v1.0.4
New Bonus floor!
Free trajectory!
New resolutions supported!
Some fixes & improvements


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Boom! Tanks v1.0.33 [Mod Money] Apk MediaFire

Like tanks? Like booms? Then download Boom! Tanks – packed with explosive tank battle action for Android and Tablets.

Command and upgrade some of the world’s most powerful tanks and crush the enemy benth your tracks in a quick-fire new world of armored warfare.

ROLL OUT : Take the fight to the front line in three extensive campaigns: blaze through the desert ht of North Africa, power across the rolling green fields of Europe and keep your cool in the frozen Siberian tundra.

TANK ON TANK ACTION : Aim, Fire and Destroy as you engage the enemy with slick controls on battlefields where the booms keep on coming.

STOCKPILE AND UPGRADE : Unlock, collect and equip iconic classic and contemporary tanks including the American M1 Abrams, Russian T-80U, British Challenger and many more. rn in-game cash for destroying high profile targets and upgrade your tanks with new armor, guns and ammunition to ensure victory on the battlefield will be yours.

PAINT AND PERSONALIZE YOUR TANKS : Customize ch of your tanks with a wide range of classic camouflages or let your imagination run wild with unique and vibrant paint schemes that let your enemies know you’re coming for them.

UNLOCK REWARDS AND CHALLENGES : rn rewards and access new challenges as you progress through ch campaign including Border Skirmishes, Engineering Challenges and Daily Assignments.


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