Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Cyano ROM Downloader AdFree v1.8.6.1 Apk MediaFire

Old AdFree users can buy this new version and only then can contact me for a refund of the old version (only for orders subsequent to 24 Oct 2013).

CyanoROM Downloader it’s an advanced updater that helps CyanoMod users to stay ever up to date with their favourite Android ROM.
Ftures and Differences with integrated updater:
*Simple and nice User Interface
*Changelog of current, old and next builds
*Auto-Check and Auto-Download of new builds (at time set by you)
*Social bar for commenting/rating a build (useful to avoid bad builds)
*Flash additional zips in batch with the ROM (kernel, gapps etc..)
*Auto-Delete old builds
*Auto-Delete old backups
*Hide translations in changelog
*Share changes via Twitter and Google Plus

AdFree Version:
*Auto-Flash of new Build (at time set by you)
*Automatic Backup before Flash
*Ads Free

First 5 days of use are Ads Free!
Some ftures need ROOT!
If you want to translate this app in your language contact me (can take max 15 minutes)
This app is NOT affiliated with CyanoMod Tm.


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