Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Korn Dictionary with v1.0 APk MediaFire

The program includes the appliion form perfect sentences Vietnamese and Korn – let’s appliion to visit South Kor or Korn -spking countries . Tour Guide is automatically installed in the program , they will help you communie in Korn whenever you need . The recording and accompanying to practice spking and taking questions from Kor specifically .

Over 500 words and phrases commonly used in Korn is one of the sier looking through the illustrations of the recording and high quality . This is an appliion Vietnamese – Korn simple and useful on the market ! All s are stored on your device . You can travel without having to worry about language differences or extra charges during play.

Do you ever ask yourself , ” This verse spks Korn like that? ” Homestay tourism is the desire of many people . Korn tour guide from your appliion program will help you translate and say things , from a precise way . You can also lrn the Korn language program and library
construction in Korn sentences separately in spare time . Let the program help you communie with anyone you desire . The process is done without having to connect to the Internet .

✓ Over 500 words and phrases in Korn essential to the scenario Korn , Vietnamese translation – South Kor and the clip .
✓ s and high quality recording for ch word and sentence recorded by native spkers .
✓ SRCH all nhHan National prompt words and phrases , you will not have to waste time looking for content they need
✓ National Building Dhan Korn policy statements FAVORITES for sy lrning and interpreters
✓ National Music thHan the optimal design for a hdset or spker phone / tablet
✓ Work offline , you will not need to connect to the Internet and pay international roaming charges when traveling
✓ Share your s with your friends or copy content to the clipboard service
✓ Play the recording in SLOW mode to help you lrn how to pronounce ch word or sentence
✓ There are many other hdings for ch situation such as asking for directions , ting , Hlth , Hassle , , date , Meet new friends , Shopping and Money – this is the appliion of perfectly typical tourist


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