Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SC Secret Recorder v2.1.10 Apk MediaFire

- If other people see my phone machine , they do not know is recording or not .
- Free Version skills include all of the skill premium version . Longer recording time limit of 60 minutes . After using the free version you plsed , then you buy the pay version okay .
- Recording widget
In the settings , ON and OFF Widgets Widgets can record secret that makes widgets set of 576 users with the maximum integration with various widgets like the box design , s , photography , throughout .
Widgets can do during during at ON , OFF or ON only during in only during the OFF and can integrate into the folder , picture , camera or hiding widgets or indied while recording .
- Customize widget icons
Widget icon that you have crted can be used .
- Messages , I storm on
In settings , can secretly record and change message alert , newspaper theme , newspaper and started 20 of the i -con , Download , warning , i – phone message that the system provides and in throughout .
During setup , if user ” Indies alarm recording time ” , it indies the recording time replacement should not be subject reported APP practice that can know the current time is recorded .
- The situation in machinery , can be recorded .
SC Recorder can record continued as long as not out of battery or can not find in other APP and APP do not practice or off when starting screen recorder for the first time or to use Widgets .
- of the alog
During setup , after setting a , highlight skills ” Dunh ” can be found as long as the alog record to enter a . In addition, other Media APP and could not find hide the alog record .
( APP that can find basic skills do not apply . )
- No extra storage space
In other space to establish positive use of other APP , users can adjust the temporary and if excess weight is normal, then automatically removed from the register file without forever preserved in the file past. Then , recording can continue .
- File recordings preserved forever
On the index , when long click file recording and index mark is shown , the I- CON is shown yellow and prevention can eliminate excess automatically when excess space . Plse mark your important files .
- Timer Recording
During setup , if you start recording time the user selected , the recording is finished and stored automatically , and users do not need to care about finished recording .
- Paper remember
Menu that denotes when a long press on the alog file recording can record content and additional explanation for the recording file . I- CON recorded file is represented and remembered reshape pencil .
At that time , the name of the recording file can be modified so can be used in the title of the memo contents .
- SMS remote recording
You can send the SMS to start and stop recording sound .
- Remember alarm
When the specified time is rched , voice recording will begin .
- Manage folder
Support SD card storage .
- Send files and send multiple files
To take advantage of cloud storage for computer files and phone connections .
The phone can exceed the capacity limit .


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