Tuesday, May 24, 2016


F based build-in MMC and USB (no rom emmc and no nand!) Partition Manager and Filesystem Utility for Android SD Cards and Hards.This is more than a Partition-Manager.You can also Crte Partition Backups ala Part.

The only what you need is ROOT! (for automount ntfs,reiserfs and ext 2-4 you need kernel support)
You need at lst 5mb free cache! Install this app to your internal Phone Device otherwise you can get trouble with automount! And again! Plse make sure the app is installed to your internal phone memory !!!

now you can crte, delete, check and repair your SD Cards with a touch!
Now the time is over you need any Desktop PC to sily crte partitions.
Now it is more sy on an Android! Support all drives wich are from type SD!
Primary and extened Partitions are supported.

Note! Some Devices can not use extended Partitions and hang at boot!
You can crte Partitions from Type:
FAT32 / FAT32(LBA) – Linux – Linux Swap -FS/NTFS – EFI GPT EFI FAT-12/16/32 -FAT 16 / FAT16(LBA)
You can format all Partitions on your SD Card, with Filesystems:
exFAT FAT32 EXT2 EXT3 EXT4 Linux Swap NTFS and ReiserFS.
You can mount all Partitions, für ext2-4 reiserfs and ntfs you need kernel support!
Automount after Reboot for all Partitions!
You can check the filesystems: FAT16,FAT32,exFAT,ext2,ext3,ext4,ntfs
You can repair the filesystems: FAT16,FAT32,ext2,ext3,ext4
You can backup and restore yout partitions and MBR!
You can set rdwrite when your SD card is set to rdonly!
You can benchmark your partitions!
This Tool needs ROOT!


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