Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Ultra Fitness v1.0 Apk MediaFire

The All You Need App to achieve your goals; with workout programs, ml plans, recipes and a calorie calculator guide. Follow the step by step workouts and Ml plans and YOU WILL SEE RESULTS!!!!

The App Hosts:
- 100+ Different Exercises
- Demonstrations
- Multiple Workout Programs
- Calorie Calculator guide to meet your goals
- Hlthy and Tasty Food Recipes
- Top 40 Food List of what to t
- Crte Custom Workout Programs

This is not your typical, run of the mill App crted by an App developer with no clue of their way around the gym. This App was developed and designed by a FULLY QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER where their skills, knowledge & expertise have been implemented within the app for you to obtain the best results!! Whether you’re an Avid Gym Goer or an Newbie to the world of fitness, this app guarantee’s results for all levels!!!

Lrn how to:
- Build Muscle
- Drop Fat
- Tone Up
- Get in shape
- t Hlthy

FULLY QUALIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER Kwame Dankwah has used his yrs of experience with his clients to pioneer a collection of simple & efficient plans that will help people rch their goals. Whether you’re a guy trying to put on some muscle or shred fat, or Whether you’re a Women trying to tone up or drop fat fast there something for you. There is truly something for everybody to help you rch your goals with tips and advice THAT WORK!!! DOWNLOAD THE APP try it out for yourself and watch the results take place.

Sculpt your aesthetic drms! – Ultrafitness, Beyond Limits.
Consistency, Persistency & Will-Power required.


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