Tuesday, May 24, 2016

AMI Player Pro v1.0 Apk MediaFire

AMI Player Pro is an Advanced Media Impresa Player of and Audio. It is the first ever player which gives different audio post processing effects for any . Almost 19 audio effects, 9 voice effects and 13 convolution reverb effects are available. Same effects work with audio player as well. It gives excellent listening experience for s and audios on and Tablets. It comes with attractive and sy media player UI to apply different effects on any /audio playback. It gives Volume Booster of 5dB extra on maximum allowed volume of the device.

Sure It is the best player and Audio player in recent times which comes with different equalizer, audio post processing, modulation and convolution reverberation effects.
Supported player Formats: mp4, 3gp, flv etc
Supported Audio player Formats: , aac, wav etc
Supported Android Version: 4.1.0 and, above like Jelly Bn, KitKat etc.

• Automatic identifiion of all the /audio files in the device, show in thumbnail display
• Play, Pause, Next, Previous operation
• Unlimited of Playlist crtion: mixed with audio and files
• Rept, Shuffle, Rept one modes in any playlist
• HD Play back of /audio files
• Volume Booster of about 5dB more
• Audio Post Processing effects like Bass Boost, Studio, Attack, Stereo Widening, Full Bass, Full Treble, Hd Phone, Metal etc on Player as well Audio Player
• Voice effects like Echo, Feedback etc on Player as well Audio Player
• Fun effects like Voice Changer, Whistles etc on Player as well Audio Player
• Convolution reverberation effects like LargeHall, ConcertHall, MusicRoom on Player as well Audio Player
• Battery status, Date and Time display
• Hardware Acceleration for and Audio decoding
• Drains less battery than software based players
• Can play 1080P files if HW acceleration supported in the device
• Plays only audio in case format is not supported
• Background playback support for Audio Player
• Background playback support for audio of files in Player
• Smaller memory foot prints
• Srch support in the device media library
Try AMI Player for trail effects of sample player and audio player.


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