Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Avast Mobile Backup & Restore v1.0.7650 Apk

Backup your Android phone and tablet.
Otherwise, all your accumulated contacts, music, s, family photos, and other personal (irreplacble) data are dangerously kept on a device with only temporary life. Back them up to secure, cloud-based servers, so you can relax about theft and/or accidental damage (e.g. a spilled cup of coffee).

The app backs up:
► Contacts
► Call logs
► Photos
► Music (premium)
► s (premium)
► Apps (premium)

avast! Mobile Backup is a free Android backup solution provided by the makers of the top-rated and award-winning free avast! Mobile Security app with antivirus and anti-theft.

This app is FREE, but if you would like to backup also music, , and apps, then you need to buy the Premium version (can be done later, from within the free version).

• It automatically backs up your Android data, with various settings as to when you want it to backup – e.g. on a specific day/time (by default once per day), after a call, after SMS received, after an app is installed, after device start, whenever plugged in, or whenever connected to WiFi.
• Your backed up data can then later be browsed and/or restored (with optional PIN protection) either directly from the backed up Android device, or from a different Android device (e.g. if you purchase a new phone and want to transfer contacts and SMS/call history from your old one).
• Contacts and SMS/call logs are backed up to your personal AVAST Account (which can be used also to manage AVAST security software on all your devices, including PC and Mac).
• Photos are backed up to Google Drive due to data size, so you need a Google account for Mobile Backup use.
• Install avast! Mobile Backup for Android today – totally free.

What’s New
+ Minor bugfixes


Download: Avast Mobile Backup & Restore v1.0.7650 Apk

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