Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Comet 3D Launcher v1.3.13 (Full/Unlocked) Apk MediaFire

Comet 3D Launcher – Welcome to the new future!
After downloading Comet 3D launcher, be rdy to start a sci-fi and surrl journey!
High grade Comet 3D launcher presents an omni-directional and unique visual experience……
Lifelike glass texture,
Avant-garde 3D widgets
3D effects at your fingertips,
Personalized operation,
Fresh and cool new themes,
Show low- but luxury styles all the time,
Comet 3D launcher gives you unlimited fantasy as science fiction……
Comet 3D launcher does not have themes as dazzling as GO launcher;
Comet 3D launcher does not have wallpapers as colorful as TSF launcher;
Comet 3D launcher does not have such a long history as ADW launcher;
Cool style is the unique personality of Comet 3D launcher,
Experience it once downloaded!

* Functions:
3D Launcher
- Open more custom content to meet your individual tastes!
- Tornadoes, waves, windmills, Snake …… more cool effects allow you to change continuously!
- Enjoy the exclusive custom 3D rotation effect. Tips: In order to prevent dizziness, do not turn too fast!
- What will happen if you tap and hold the screen? Try the miracle moment yourself!
- Allow for adjusting the size of the launcher icons; no more worries about eyesight!
- Cool clicking effects, making the clicking particularly shiny!
- A more flexible 3D page editing mode, making editing so sy!

Function bar
- New function bar design explores infinite space on launcher!
- Rotate and flip the icons at the top of the function bar and customize the function bar that best suits you!
- Slide the function bar and see what is hidden inside. ~

3D folder
- New 3D folders like a trsure box give you unlimited surprises!
- Add more pages in the folder and store as many icons as possible!
- Launcher folders can be exchanged! Don’t believe it? Have a try!

3D widgets
- 3D clock can be turned upside down. Have you ever seen another?
- 3D modeling fast switch gives you a feeling of stretching across the universe!
- High grade calendar widget you deserve~

- Two sets of built-in themes are carefully built to keep your theme and launcher together!
- The awaited new themes have finally been relsed! Are you rdy?
- New Comet wallpapers. Suit Is Best!

* Comet 3D Launcher Theme:
- Default theme: Crafted from 3D modeling theme, every detail is fine tuned to give you a unique feel!
- Comet2.0 theme: The vast universe theme, giving people mystery and room for imagination; in the vast sky, is there another planet you are looking forward to?
- Galaxy theme: Just like the galaxy shining in the night sky, the Galaxy theme emits sparkling light, with blue planets dotted in the vast universe.
- Future space-time theme, Star Trek theme, shining Galaxy theme, and more themes will be launched
More themes coming soon…

* Comet 3D Launcher wallpapers:
- Default wallpaper: The wallpaper is full of technological elements to be explored
- Starry sky wallpaper: The wallpaper is like your tleness, and my lonely soul awaits you.
- Different space-time wallpaper: Take a space trip and meet the best you at the right time.
- Vast universe wallpaper: This is a star-studded world, which offers infinite imagination.
- Shining galaxy wallpaper: As time goes by, the stars in the night sky are eternal.
- Every piece of wallpaper is carefully selected by the Comet tm to bring you the best visual experience.

Alien woods wallpaper, volcano wallpaper, deep-s wallpaper, starry sky wallpaper, future universe wallpaper, and more wallpapers will be launched

More wallpapers coming soon…
Hey! Another bombshell is that more live wallpapers will be launched!

What’s New in Comet 3D Launcher v1.3.13 (Full/Unlocked)
What’s new in 1.2.42
1.Clr up some permissions
2.Refining device type

What’s new in 1.2.47
1.To reduce RAM
2.More Custom Settings

What’s new in 1.3.6
1.Add more special effects
2.Design a new theme–Galaxy Theme
3.Add more wallpapers
4.Add a 3D calendar widget

What’s new in 1.3.13
1.Solve the problem of virus. removed unrd messages function.
2.New transition effect–crystal
3.To reduce RAM
4.Fix bugs
*Plse attention that Comet 3D Launcher is not suitable for 320*480 mobile


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