Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DarkUI Thyrusholo Theme CM11 v3.1 Apk MediaFire

ThyrusHolo DarkUI is a dark theme developed for the completely new Theme Engine from CyanoMod.

You must have CM11 with a nightly May 8 2014 or later installed that includes the new theme engine UI from CyanoMod.

This theme is not backwards-compatible to rlier versions of CMs theme engine relsed rlier than May 2014. The new theme engine has a dedied theme menu including wallpapers, sounds, styles and fonts, so do not purchase if that is not the case on your device.

It is based on the ThyrusHoloKK Dark theme which is available for the old theme engine for CM11, but was completely rewritten to be able to utilize the new ftures of the updated Theme Engine from CM as well as improving the existing app-themeing.

- Includes fonts
- Includes wallpaper
- Includes select-able sounds (Alarms, Notifiions, Ringtones)

This appliion is currently Work-In-Progress and will be updated frequently.
Currently themed:
Dialer and Phone
Google Now/Google Srch
Google Music
Google DocumentsUI
Google Play Store
Google Mail (Gmail)
Swype paid

If you encounter the error -110 when trying to install this issue should be fixed with the latest nightlies – try uninstalling, rebooting and reinstalling if you get this error.

What’s New:
V3.1 More fixed for Google Play 4.8.19
V3.0 Themed new review popup window for Google Play
V2.9 Relse for new PlayStore 4.8.19
Solved text font issue when adding songs to playlist in Google Music
Adressed issue in Google Play
Minor changes to GoogleMusic
Themes CM’s GalleryNext
V2.6 Fixed cursor issues in some themed apps and fixed dark background in lower res devices
Addressed some issues with Swype fc


Download: DarkUI Thyrusholo Theme CM11 v3.1 Apk MediaFire

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