Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Elevation rth v2.0 Apk MediaFire

Explore your planet like you never imagined! A quick and fun way to lrn about our rth’s terrain from the depths of the ocns to the highest elevations.
⁃ Manipulate a 3D exaggerated terrain model of the rth and control the water level and coloring of land and s.
⁃ Crte stunning s from any angle and zoom.
⁃ Tour over 300 different elevation relevant loions, from highest and lowest points to islands, cities and shipwrecks.
⁃ Use the exaggeration option to incrse difference between the high and low points on the rth. This exaggeration helps to emphasize the true buty and extremes of the terrain on a planetary scale.
⁃ See for yourself, how the ocns are deeper than the highest mountains are tall.
⁃ Use the info window to display the amount of water ar and volume on the rth and watch it change in rl-time as you alter the s level.
⁃ Adjust the s level and amount of water on the rth, watching it flood or drain ars of the terrain based on its elevation.
⁃ Watch the s level change animate in Full 3D
⁃ Choose from a variety of color schemes to provide impressive renderings of any part of the surface of the rth.
⁃ Use simple gestures to control zoom, pan, rotation and tilt of your rth view.
⁃ Watch the dynamic terrain coloring scheme change with the rise and fall of the ocn water level.
⁃ Share your high resolution ry with friends via email, messaging, Facebook and more.
⁃ Discover the highest mountains from the center of the rth as well as those above s level.
⁃ See cities for ch continent from the highest to the lowest above s level
⁃ Show how the rth would look with just the water from the individual ocns. Select individual ocns and distribute their water across the globe and see the theoretical new s level.
⁃ Direct link to Wikipedia information about the current loion.
⁃ View a of different global warming scenarios past, present and future, or simply crte your own.
⁃ Help documentation included in app.

What’s New in Elevation rth v2.0
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