Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gameboard v5.2.0 Apk MediaFire

-Soft board tailor-made for playing games. Play board/gamepad-only games with touchscreen (e.g. Flash, Xperia Play or Onlive games), play touch-only games with physical gamepad (e.g. Street Fighter IV HD), or play touch/gamepad-only games with normal board.
-Credit to TLRtheory for the demonstration

Main Ftures
1. onscreen gamepad with:
- multi-touch (depends on device and OS)
- 4/8-way d-pad, up to 12 game buttons, 2 analog sticks
- resizable and customizable buttons layout
- fully configurable buttons mappings
2. re-map physical
3. save /button mappings to profiles
4. full qwerty board
5. crte macro to perform autofire, combo , action sequence, and text input with single button hit
6. emulate Xperia Play and Onlive Controller buttons
7. emulate Touchscreen action, even work with devices with no touchscreen (e.g. Minix Neo X5) (need root)
8. emulate rl Analog Joystick (need root, and OS joystick support)
9. control Analog Sticks with

Controller Compatibility
This app allow user to control games with:
- Touchscreen
- Accelerometer
- Mouse (need root)
- BluezIME-compatible BlueTooth board/controller (e.g. PhoneJoy, iCade, Wiimote)
- OS-compatible BlueTooth board/controller (e.g. board/controller connected to OS 4.2 as HID device, such as iCade, iPega) *
- OS-compatible USB board/controller (e.g. XBox 360, eric board, some eric controller) *
- virtual controller emulated from 3rd party tools (e.g. Moga Universal Driver system-mode, Sixaxis bypass-ime mode) *
- Xperia Play in Gingerbrd (toucad support need root)
- built-in gamepad of various gaming devices (e.g. Droid X360, JXD S5110, Yinlips G18A)

* rding analog input requires root access unless connecting controller through BluezIME
Software Compatibility

This app is originally provided as an add-on for our emulators, but now works with many other apps. Not all apps are compatible, so plse test during the trial period. For Bionic user, there is a ROM issue where many ftures only work with apps which are explicitly designed to work with soft board.

For best compatibility we recommend using BluezIME-compatible controllers when physical controller is needed. Some compatibility issues can be solved with the help of root ftures, plse contact us if you have problem.

How to call up Gameboard
Depends on device, ROM and target app there are many different ways to call up soft board, e.g.:
- some apps have built-in option to call up soft board
- some devices support using long pressing [Menu] to call up soft board
Gameboard also provide two methods in case the above cannot be used:
- switch to Gameboard Launcher, tap on the “call out board after exit” button, then switch back
- turn on “Settings->[Vol. Up] Action” then use [Vol. Up] as hot

What’s New in Gameboard v5.2.0
5.2.0 (2014-03-18)
Plse reboot and email us when have problem after update
-[new] custom board and Virtual Mouse toggle
-[new] Joymouse: right stick move cursor, button A click
-[new] Auto Profile: auto load App Profile when call up board
-[new] separable Dpad
-[bug] temp fix for some 4.3/4.4 devices

Other Recent Changes:
-Virtual Mouse mode
-use mouse button, hide mouse cursor
-tap screen to toggle board (“Use Hotspot”)
-move uncommon options to “Internal Options”


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