Tuesday, May 24, 2016

GPS Widget Pro v1.3.0 Apk MediaFire

This widget simply sh-ws y-ur current l-i-n in s. GPS c–rdinates are received fr-m the GPS l-i-n pr-vider -r fr-m the netw-rk l-i-n pr-vider if GPS is n-t available.

The altitude is queried fr-m -pen MapQuest API which yields in a m-re accurate result than receiving the altitude by GPS. S- this widget is als- interesting f-r hiking (altimeter).

GPS c–rdinates can save lifes in emercy situati-ns (e.g. when y-u get l-st in the m-untains).

- Display y-ur current l-i-n in s
- Additi-nal inf-rmati-n (Street, City, P-stal C-de, GPS satellite fix)
- Sh-ws y-ur altitude with high accuracy
- Share y-ur l-i-n with friends via SMS, Email, etc.
- Different l-i-n f-rmats are supp-rted (Decimal Degrees, Universal Transverse Mer-r (UTM), …)

N-te 1: T- save battery p-wer y-u sh-uld switch -ff the widget when y-u d- n-t need it. Y-u can f-rce the widget t- switch -ff aut-matically after s-me time in the settings.

N-te 2: This is n- GPS t-ggle widget. Y-u can n-t turn -n and -ff GPS. Y-u simply get clr inf-rmati-n ab-ut y-ur current l-i-n.

T- add widget press: H-me->Menu->Add->Widgets->GPS Widget Pr-
The widget needs the f-ll-wing permissi-ns because:
- Y-ur l-i-n: it’s -bvi-us
- Netw-rk c-mmunii-n: query altitude

What’s New:
- added What3Words support


Download: GPS Widget Pro v1.3.0 Apk MediaFire

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