Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Instant: Polaroid Instant Cam v1.0.16 Apk MediaFire

“Best Polaroid Camera App for iOS and Mac” – ButifulPixels.com
Instant, the best Polaroid camera app for iOS, has finally come to Android! Get it at $0.99 for a limited time only.

Instant brings back the magic of the iconic Polaroid instant camera to your Android phone. At the touch of a finger, users can shoot a new picture using the camera on the smart phone or select an existing one from their photo album, apply an authentic Polaroid-like filter, add Polaroid class border and write text on it, thus, compose a classic Polaroid instant photo.

Instant app mimics the workflow of a rl classic Polaroid instant camera, with rlistic visual and sound effects. Upon selecting or shooting a photo, an “undeveloped” dark Polaroid slides out from the top of the screen. Slowly the is developed and the final picture unveils.

The app comes with 30 unique vintage style photo filters, with 10 of them closely mimicking the effects of various classic Polaroid s. ch filter is adjustable in strength, vignette and emulsion artifacts, adding even more rlistic Polaroid look. Users may also add text to their Polaroid photo, selecting from 10 handwriting style fonts. Text can be freely resized, rotated and moved around by finger gestures. Users can also adjust the effect of the Polaroid border, such as choosing from 26 different colors, adding crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints on to the border.

The Polaroid photos can be saved to your photo library and sily shared via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram (requires Instagram app pre-installed).

Fture Highlights:
* Crtive and fun user interface produces rlistic experience of Polaroid instant photography
* 30 photo effects including 10 uniquely designed for Polaroid effects
* Adjustable filter effects including intensity, vignette, emulsion and grain
* 10 handwriting fonts for adding text to your photo
* 26 color borders, adjustable crosshatch, stain, wrinkle and fingerprints effects
* sily share via Email, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram

What’s New
- More stability improvement and bug fix.


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