Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lomo Camera Pro v1.0 Apk MediaFire

The best Lomo Camera app that helps you make amazing photos.
12 completely different filters based on the rl ones!

Our appliion is a fully-functional emulator of the cameras below:
* Lomo Camera
Take photos in lomo style. Nice vignetting along with a processing will make you feel like you are using rl Lomo camera.
* Old Camera
What? Is it my android or a rl camera? Low contrast and a lot of scratches will remind your granmother’s photos.
* Underwater Camera
Have you every seen all these paper cameras in boxes that divers take? You will have a chance to test them!
* Square Photos
The most popular format is a ‘square’. Take square photos.
* Tilt Shift
You can make the big objects look small with ‘Tilt Shift’ camera. For better effect plse make sure that you take shots from the point which is high enough.
* Fish Eye
Don’t try it with faces of your friends. EVER!
* 4 in One
Take 4 shots and the camera will mix them together in 1 photo.
* Supersampler
The camera is similar to the one above but the shape of ch photo differs.
* Multiple Exposure
For every camera there are 12 effects.
* Cross process
* Push process
* Black & White
* Old Photo
* Vintage
* Sepia
* Rusty
* Postcard
* Paper
* Drms


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