Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lovemojis ™ v1.3 Apk MediaFire

Sometimes a thumbs up just won’t cut it when you rlly want to show someone how much you care. Lovemojis has the cutest, most romantic emojis ever crted. Put a smile on your loved ones face today!

New Relationship? Get Lovemojis!
Relationship Boring? Get Lovemojis!
Married? Get Lovemojis!
In the doghouse? Stop Whatever You Are Doing & Get Lovemojis!
If you love emojis, smileys and emoticons then this is the app for you!
sily Send Emoji to Facebook, Twitter, Whats App, Facebook Messenger,
Line, most other Chat apps, MMS, Social Networks And Email!!!

Method 1
To share an emoji, simply tap it, then select the chat app you want to
share it with!
Method 2
Using your favorite chat app, go to attach an . Choose Lovemojis
then pick an emoji to share!
Lovemojis works with Email, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp,
kik Messenger, Yahoo, Skype and all the popular chat apps!

What’s New
App Redesigned From The Ground Up!!!!!
HD Lovemojis For Texting


Download: Lovemojis ™ v1.3 Apk MediaFire

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