Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Navy SL Fitness & Science v1.2 Apk MediaFire

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More than Exercises. Lrn the Science Behind Fitness!
The first time I rd the US Navy SL Fitness Guide, the material seemed very familiar to me. That’s because it was. It contained much of the same information I lrned in one of my favorite US Army courses; the Army Master Fitness Trainer’s Course. What I liked the most was the introduction to the science of fitness, and not just a focus on exercises. I think you will like this too. Once you understand the science basics, the rest makes more sense. You will also be able to more sily recognize all of the misinformation one often hrs concerning fitness.

The major topics covered include:
1. Overview of Physical Fitness (A grt intro to the science of fitness)
2. SL Mission-Related Physical Activities
3. Cardiorespiratory Conditioning
4. Running for Fitness
5. Swimming for Fitness
6. Strength Training
7. Flexibility
8. Calisthenics
9. Plyometrics
10. Load-Bring
11. Training for Specific Environments
12. Training and Related Injuries
13. Harmful Substances that Affect Performance
14. Other Training-Related Issues
15. Physical Fitness and Training Recommendations
16. Weight Lifting Techniques
17. Common Anatomical Terms and Diagrams
18. Foot Care for Load-Bring

What’s New
Improved support for tablets and with larger displays.


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