Tuesday, May 24, 2016

One M8 Sense 6 Theme v1 Apk

One M8 Sense 6 Theme v1 Apk Important: If you are getting Wifi Settings Force Close problem, so update your CM11/AOSPA/AOKP version to latest one.
Made for HDPI/XHDPI/XXHDPI screen resolutions.

What’s Included/Themed:
✔ Themed Framework
✔ Updated Settings look
✔ New notifiion style
✔ Quick Tiles
✔ Volume Scrubbers
✔ New Camera Design
✔ Launcher Icons
✔ One M8 Bootanimation
✔ Sounds Notifiion / Ringtone / Alarm
✔ Data Usage settings menu
✔ Navigation bar buttons
✔ New Android Font from One
✔ Themed Dialer
✔ Calculator

How to?
Make sure you installed latest CM11/AOSPA/AOKP relse.
Download the theme, go to Settings => Themes = > Theme packs
Find the ONE Theme and click it.
Select all checkboxes and hit update
Reboot twice. Done!


Download One M8 Sense 6 Theme v1 Apk: DIRECT LINKS

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