Tuesday, May 24, 2016

PixelPhone PRO v3.2.3 Apk MediaFire

High appliion speed, stylish design, convenient and customizable interface. Feel the difference!
- lit srch through all contacts fields
- Sorting and display of contact list (Last First, First Last)
- Display of contacts in alphabetical groups
- Quick browsing of contacts using an ABC scroll bar
- Display of contact’s photo, phone and company name

- Quick and sy arrangement of favorite contacts into groups
- Smooth browsing of contacts in a group or browsing between the groups (up-down and left-right)
- Various ways of icon customization
- Favorite action for any contact (call, message, e-mail, address, …)
- Classical or widescreen wallpapers

- Quick and configurable smart T9 srch through all fields in contacts and call history
- Support of T9 srch using 2 languages simultaneously
- Customizable pad size (small, medium and large)
- Speed dial
- Gestures (hide pad, clr filter, undo filter)

- Sorting by date
- Sorting by contacts
- Call history limitation (3/7/14/28 days, —Āomplete)
- Filtering (missed calls, all calls)
- Displaying date, duration and type of call

- Assignment of HD photo for the contact
- Display of all contact’s fields, grouped into egories (phone, internet, address, …)
- Quick switching between contact’s information and call history (lower panel)
- Crting, editing, deleting and sending contact’s card
- Clipboard support

- High speed. Quick launch. Smooth animation and scrolling.
- Stylish design. All interface elements are designed in classical colors and carefully drawn for ch device.
- Convenient interface. Despite the appliion’s user friendliness, it has lots of interesting ftures.
- Personalization. Flexible configuration of appliion’s interface and work according to your preferences.
- Support and development. The appliion is constantly updated with the consideration of users’ requests.
Configure PixelPhone as you like! Select your favorite background s, assign photos to contacts and you’ll experience extra plsure calling or even just launching the appliion.

CAUTION: For emercy calls (911, 112, …) PixelPhone uses the stock Contacts app, so uninstall/disable it is not recommended! Test calling emercy services firstly, before you start using PixelPhone!

What’s New:
- Favorites optimization
- New appliion icons
- Some bug fixes…


Download: PixelPhone PRO v3.2.3 Apk MediaFire

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