Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Plasticine town Live wallpaper v1.0.16 Apk MediaFire

Live Wallpaper. Plasticine town.
Introducing the new work made of plasticine – “Plasticine town” Live wallpaper!
Your phone or tablet now will not be bored, because you can enjoy the magnificent town.
Be sure to install this butiful town on your phone or tablet.

Live wallpaper ftures:
- Funny colorful cars, street, and buildings made of plasticine(clay);
- Day town | Time of day (Rltime, Morning, Day, Evening, Night);
- Day town | Butiful day town
- Night town | Butiful night mode with stars in the sky!
- Night town | Street light switching on/off;
- Night town| Lights in switching on/off;
- Town | People walking on town streets;
- Town cars | Different types of vehicles (Car, Bus, Motorcycle, Airplane);
- Town cars | Car sounds;
- Town wther | Auto-erated wther;
- Town wther | Custom settings of wther;
- Town wther | Settings of cloudiness;
- Town wther | Settings of wind speed ;
- Town wther | 3 types of rain;
- Live wallpaper made of plasticine

What’s New:
* Link to new LWP “KM Bch Live wallpaper HD”
* Some bug fixes


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