Tuesday, May 24, 2016

ProtectedApps Donate v2.5.5 Apk

ProtectedApps Donate v2.5.5 ApkWith this app you could protect app with a , PIN or pattern. The Android lockscreen is used for that. The protection could not be removed with a simple long press on back-button, like with most other apps. You could even protect not straight startable apps like the package-installer.
Donation: You could select a unlimited count of apps.

All ftures are supported since Android 4.2. With older versions not supported options are hidden in the settings.
– Differen observation modes: First start of apps or while using it
– Duration of unlock configurable
– Autmatic locking could be switched off.
– Notifiion options: Always, while unlockedImmer, never
– Duration of unlock could be configured
– Pre-lock slider could be disabled
– Minimal and maximal time frame of configurable

– The device is protected by slider, protected apps with a PIN
– The device is protected by slider and PIN+TimePIN, protected apps with pattern

For best protection select at lst these apps:
– Play Store (install/remove apps)
– Xposed Installer (enable/disable modules)
– Package-Installer (install/remove apks)
– Settings (Android system settings)
– ProtectedApps (configure protected apps)

WARNING: Plse configure and check ProtectedApps with other apps before!
– YELLOW: System app, could be started by launcher.
– YELLOW+BLUE: System app, not straight startable.
– BLUE: User app, not straight startable.

– DEVICE_ADMIN: Lock device (required)
– BOOT_COMPLETE: Show persistente notifiion (optional)

* No self-promotion in the app.
* More than 5 apps could be selected.
* You support this app and further development!

What’s New
Crash report unlock: Don’t show a icon in toast
Fix a problem with notifiion
Fix a problem after phone call
Some other small fixes
Updated translations


Download ProtectedApps Donate v2.5.5 Apk: DIRECT LINKS

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