Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Rocket Music Player Premium v3.0.1.10 Apk

Rocket Music Player Premium v3.0.1.10 ApkCustomize, manage and listen to your music library on Android. Ftures include: equalizer, themes, manage

album art, edit tags, multi-select items, 2 lockscreens, embedded lyric support, sleep timer, podcast bookmarks, set ringtones, crte/edit playlists. Rd below for more!

Customize your experience:
- Customizable 5 band EQ to enhance your listening http://goo.gl/NmtPzC
- Personalize your look with over 30 different themes http://goo.gl/zXSIJZ
- Manage album art to select the art that looks the best
- Edit tags to keep your songs correctly labeled http://goo.gl/U4nJwG
- Multiselect – select multiple items to add to a playlist for crting quick playlists http://goo.gl/f2yVHS
- Crte dynamic “Live List” playlists based on rules to keep your music fresh http://goo.gl/vEdOHr
- Three controllable lockscreens with/without art
- Customize the default action for different tabs for faster listening/editing/shuffling
- Remove unused media tabs to keep things cln in the appliion http://goo.gl/icnga6

Listening Ftures:
- EQ presets including bass booster, acoustic, and many more
- Strm music to your Chromecast for a listening experience http://goo.gl/5Mmtk9
- browser and player
- Stop after song for instructors and musicians
- Display embedded lyrics support to lrn new songs and sing karaoke http://goo.gl/odh82m
- Programmable sleep timer to turn off when your days done. http://goo.gl/WBUUq6
- Crte and edit playlists within the player for customization. http://goo.gl/qtfQLm
- Fade in and out when playing and stopping songs for an enhanced listening experience
- Bookmark podcasts to listen later
- Add music “up next” to maintain your playlist mood
- Control your music with 4×1 and 4×2 widgets
- Support for scrobbling apps (last.fm, ScrobbleDroid)
- AVRCP support for viewing tags over bluetooth
- M3U and M3U8 playlist support

Combine with iSyncr for:
- Syncing new playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes
- Syncing podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes
- Syncing song ratings to and from iTunes
- Syncing play counts to iTunes

Upgrade to the Rocket Player Premium Unlocker for:
- Support for even more audio formats: Lossless (alac), True Audio (tta), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc),Waveform Audio File (wav), Free Lossless Audio c (flac), WavePack (wv) and Media Audio (except lossless and copy protected) (wma)
- Download album art from the web (requires connection)
- Customize sound using a 10 band graphic equalizer
- Limit distortion and clipping with limiter
- Assign an equalizer preset to a song, re, playlist, artist, album, or podcast
- Prmp to raise and lower volume of songs
- Right/Left balance control
- Use reply gain values precalculated
- Gapless playback to listen as the artist intended
- Variable playback speed (.5-2x) for podcasts to listen to more content, quicker
- Variable playback speed (.5-2x) for music to lrn a song, or pick up the pace
- Crossfading to transition from song to song
- Marked gapless albums in iTunes will play gapless when used with iSyncr
- Start/stop time from iTunes is used when used with iSyncr

What’s New
** NEW: Bass Booster
** NEW: Updated look
** NEW: Fresh icon
** NEW: View as songs in artists/re/composer pages
** NEW: Tabs settings for more customization


Download Rocket Music Player Premium v3.0.1.10 Apk: DIRECT LINKS

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