Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.17.1-alpha Apk

SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.17.1-alpha Apk Works only on rooted/jail/unlocked devices!
Don’t install if your device is not rooted.

Record grt quality screencasts directly from your phone or tablet!
SCR Screen Recorder uses hardware accelerated encoding to achieve best quality screen recording on any device. It’s the only recorder on the market supporting Tegra device including 7.

This is an rly BETA preview version so it may not work on all devices and ROMs. Before you buy consider testing SCR Free to ensure that your device is alrdy supported.

SCR Screen Recorder collects anonymous usage statistics to help track bugs and analyze how users use the app. This software uses unmodified of FFmpeg 1.2 d under the PL.

What’s New
Version 0.16.1-beta
- updated translations
- couple crashes fixed

Version 0.16.0-beta
- simplified settings screen (old settings can be enabled in menu)
- device specific presets based on usage statistics
- more accurate frame rate calculation on high-end devices


Download SCR Screen Recorder Pro ★ root v0.17.1-alpha Apk: DIRECT LINKS

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