Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WhatsBack Pro: WhatsApp Backup v1.1.5 Apk MediaFire

WhatsBack Pro is a Cloud Backup app for WhatsApp.
If you’re a WhatsApp user you should know that it saves your chat in your SD card every night, usually at 4 AM.

WhatsBack monitor this file and copy it to your Google Drive account so, if things goes rlly bad with your phone, you can always have a backup copy in the cloud!

This Pro version unlock the following ftures:
• It saves your messages every day
• Versioning option is available; you can enable it from the settings screen
• It has an offline and retry policy if your device is not connected to any network
• User can configure in which days of the week the service is active (every day by default)
• User can restore chat (automatically re-initialize WhatsApp on rooted devices


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