Tuesday, May 24, 2016

iSupr8 Vintage Camera v1.1.8 Apk MediaFire

Instant Vintage ™ Add dirt, dust and grain to your to crte a masterpiece. Import your old s or crte new footage with the built in Super 8mm camera. iSupr8 is the most advanced mobile Super 8 filter in the world.

- Professional Grade Tru8™Processing
- Unlimited HD Length versus Instagram & Vine¹
- Record in different resolutions including 1080p²
- Customizable Stock: Adjust Scratches, Vignette, Grain & More!
- & Framing Options
- Import from Camera Roll
- Facebook, Twitter Sharing and more.

- Tru8 100D (Included)
- In App Purchases: Prime-X B&W, PenneMaker B&W, VibraChrome 40,SuprChrome 40, ThermaChrome, AltroVerdi, WestmanRosa 64T

Keeping the 8mm movement alive is what we’re about. iSupr8 is not just a fun novelty app, it is an effort to revive and incrse awareness of a commercially dying format to a new eration, as well as a production tool for makers seeking an authentic, vintage look.

While developing iSupr8, a majority of the time and energy was spent making sure that the color grade was as authentic as possible. No filters or c overlays in the coloring process.

Crte new memories with an old school kick for family and friends. An in-app viewer provides a simple overview of your s, while a sharing function includes camera roll, email and Facebook. Choose which s to develop and export, removing unwanted rendering and reducing storage.
Designed by Super 8 enthusiasts for Super 8 enthusiasts.

What’s New in iSupr8 Vintage Camera v1.1.8
Your suggestions and positive reviews are helping to guide our next version. We’d love to see your iSupr8 crtions! If you’d like to be considered for a fture spotlight on the iSupr8 Community plse send an email to isupr8@mmobile.com.

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