Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Text Message Filter – Premium v1.0.0 Apk MediaFire

Text ch is an SMS filter app that ches ads, marketing messages, reminders, mobile coupons and alerts you’ve opted into and keeps them out of your personal inbox.

Who’s texting you? Your doctor, the local grocery store, your favorite restaurant and retailers from the entire mall down the street. Are you tired of your text inbox being cluttered with ads, reminders, coupons and alerts? Make your inbox personal again with Text ch!

You’ll never miss a text from your friends and family because of a “hot dl” again with Text ch. The app snags promotional SMS messages as they come in and sets them aside for you to view at your convenience.

Text ch is your shopping buddy! Now, you can get mobile alerts for the hottest Black Friday dls from your favorite retailers and never worry about them junking up your inbox.

- Keep marketing messages out of your personal text message inbox
- Only get notified when messages arrive from the contacts you specify
- A one-stop loion for all your appointment messages, reminders, mobile coupons and hot dls
- Most international s and short are supported
- Opt-in or sign up for new alerts from inside the app
- Simple, sy to use app design
Can be used for…
- SMS Filter: Organize your SMS inbox by sending messages from low priority contacts to the app.
- Dl aggregator: Tired of scrolling through messages to find today’s promos and discounts? Find dls sorted by day.
- Mobile couponing: sily loe grocery, restaurant and store SMS coupons at the register.
- Appointment Reminders: Keep those pesky medical, dental, salon/barber reminders all in one place.
- Text Voting: Don’t shy away from making your voice hrd. Text your vote using Text ch to keep replies out of your main inbox.
- SPAM Filter: Like a drmcher, it can keep bad texts from known troublesome contacts out of your personal inbox.
What this app doesn’t do…
- Ask you to sign up for more ads. This app just helps you organize the alerts you’ve alrdy opted into. We won’t ask you to sign up for more dls.
- Prevent SPAM. The app only ches messages for the contacts you specify. If someone texts you without your consent, it will still come through.
- Block Texts. This app is an SMS filter, which mns it re-routes texts a loion outside your main message inbox. It won’t stop text messages from coming through.


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